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Meet-up countdown: 5 days

It’s Sunday.  On Friday the first meet-up attendees are arriving in town.  This thing has grown like I never expected!  We now have families coming from TN, WI, MI, IL, KS, IA, CO, and MO.  There will be over 65 people involved in at least one of the weekend’s events.  The single event that has the most people RSVP’d is dinner on Saturday night.  We’ll have almost 60 people at a restaurant.  Sunday evening we’ll have about 50 together again.  Won’t that be crazy?!?

I’m really blown away at how this seemed to sprout it’s own wings and take off.  Especially in the last couple of weeks. Suddenly there were more and more people sending requests for details.  I’m so glad that we’re having a good crowd.  I do hope everyone has fun.  I’m not the host or anything, but I did kind of take the baby and run with it. (No surprise there.)  So I feel responsible for everyone to enjoy themselves, especially since some are driving over 12 hours and others are flying in!!

There will be lots of fun at an indoor playground we’ve reserved. (These are the days I sure miss our old church in C-U with the monstrosity of an indoor playground that was open to the public each day.)  The one here isn’t even 1/2 of the size, but it will be plenty for what we need, and it has a huge netted climbing structure that will be a hit with a bunch of the kids.  There will also be a couple of events just for us all to visit, get to know each other, eat (of course), and for the kids to play.  Some people are going to Cards games, some are hitting a park here or there, a group of us is going to church together on Sunday which is really cool, and there will no doubt be plenty of “after hours” goings on at the hotel.

I’m happy to see it finally arrive, and I’ll probably be happy to see it over, to be honest.  Mostly because I’ve been working on it for a couple months, with my local buddies, and I’m ready to be done with it.  Just from the stressing over managing all the things for so many people. Granted, I took it on myself. This I’m aware of, but I’m ready for a break.  But it won’t be for long… there’s already talk of “next year” among those who couldn’t come this year.  So we’re going to see about setting up something bigger and planning farther ahead for next year.  Hope YOU can join us!


  1. Wow! I had no idea about this meet up, but I'm not surprised you're in on planning it. I know it will go great and many people will be blessed with new friendships and encouragement.


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