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Val Day Bloggy Winners

I decided to pick 3 winners, because I've just got so many cute kits to use!! So............... Jen ( Schuster Shenanigans ) Terri ( Believing in Miracles ) Brigette ( Van Nice Family Journey ) You win! Send me an email at braskasmom at gmail dot com and we'll get this party started! I'd like to get these done in the next couple days....just in case! For those of you who are interested in the "how to" element.... stay tuned, maybe we'll do some tutorials in March.

Still in one piece

Nope, no baby yet. I've just been busy and tired and well...just not blogging, I guess. Now I'm off to bed, because Braska's asleep and I'm taking every chance I get. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get the winner of the Val Day blog makeover chosen and that process underway for the big reveal, and I do have stuff to post that will maybe interest at least 2 of you. So I might be able to get that done too... IF there's no baby. And we're hoping, at this point, that she just takes the initiative to show up very soon. Anyone wanna throw out a guess for when she'll make an appearance?? Date and time, weight and length for fun? Sure, I'll throw in a prize, just not sure what yet. Happy End of January to all. G'night.

Dear anonymous...thank you

(For the non-anonymous out there...don't miss the post below for a *sweet* deal.) To the anonymous commenter from the Choices post--Since I can't contact you directly, and please know that I am completely fine with your comment being anonymous, I just wanted to put up a little note to say thank you for your comment. I appreciate you sharing your story, sharing your perspective, and I'm glad you felt you could do so. I'm sure it was very helpful to many. And I hope that you know that you are more than welcome to contact me, anonymously or directly by email, with any further input or thoughts that might apply as we move forward. I respect your anonymity, but I want you to know that I think no less of you or your relative that is a friend of mine in any way due to your story. I'm so sorry that you had to endure such a terrifying and painful experience. I can't pretend to truly understand. Know that I will be praying for you as May 15 approaches... I cannot imagi

Anyone want a *sweet* custom blog look for FREE?

I'll soon be switching this and Braska's blogs to their Valentine's Day prettiness. And I've found so many more adorable kits and elements to use that I feel like making more. But I don't want to get so silly as to change my background every other day...that's just excessive! SO... instead I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone would like to have a bit of a bloggy facelift for the sweet holiday. It will be a background original and one of a kind, with an original header, designed for you with your input on colors, design elements, etc. I know how to do them with Blogger, obviously, and I think it's similarly workable with Wordpress. I know you can at least post a header image there, but I admit I haven't played with it as much. If you're interested, leave me a comment, and the winner will be chosen randomly. If you're not into Valentine's, don't fret...I'll do some general ones later on, if you're still interested then,

Simple sleeping pleasures

Mini epilogue

Thank you for all the comments, posted here and elsewhere, emailed, etc. I appreciate that you took time to read the post and the respectful responses. I feel the need to clarify something. I do not in any way claim that the choices that we or others face are easy or simple to handle. I know very well that there are often situations that will not lend themselves to any "win win" outcome. We live in a flawed world; there will always be hardship and painful circumstances to watch and to live through. But that does not negate the fact that there are options, whether easy or not, that will allow life to continue when in the context of pregnancy. Lastly, let me also make clear that having an abortion does not make a woman unlovable, forever cursed, or a bad person to the core. It is not the unforgiveable sin. There can be recovery, forgiveness, and restoration with great support and love, and we should be quick to offer it at every opportunity. I have supported and continue to sup

About choices

I was up half the night last night pondering some more, and these things kept coming to mind. It just wouldn't leave. It seemed so strong. A burden of mind, so to speak. That kind of thing is not accidental. It's time to speak up. If you have a 4-year-old son, you have told him that he is not allowed to jump off the kitchen counter. You've told him why it's against the rules, that it's for his best, that he could get hurt badly. If he does it, he will get in trouble, because that is how you teach him to obey the rules and to listen to you, the authority. Have you removed his ability to choose to do so? Of course not. He can still climb up there, stand up tall, and leap off the counter. Maybe he will not hurt himself. Maybe he will land on his little sister who is watching this all from below on the floor. Maybe he won't get hurt *this* time. Nothing about you setting the guidelines has removed his human ability to make that choice. Now you will discipline hi


Yesterday and today in the normal running of chores and tasks, I had several thoughts... for what they're worth... I love my glasses. The kind you drink out of. We registered for them when we got married and we got them. They're common, nothing special to most, but they're just great in my book. What would it be like to be able to watch Kinlee move around in there? Like what if we had clear bellies when they were this close to birth? I'd like to match a visual with what weird movements I feel. If we're supposed to be color blind, why do we keep talking and talking and talking about color??? If it's not about race, why is it all about race? Would it work to put some kind of pasta in beef stew? Maybe rice? It is so darn nice to spend time thinking and discussing with people who value the same things I do and aren't afraid to stand for them. How refreshing with all the conflict around! Since I didn't have any contractions with Braska, will I realize t

Another Annual Hosting Day

Nothing like a day off. And M was off today, as were his three Friday Night Magic buddies from C-U. So they trekked down here last night to spend the day tapping and attacking. This is the second or third year that they've used this particular day off for gaming at our house, and it works well. Of course, this is the first one that we've been 3 hours away instead of only about 7 minutes. It's kind of my thing to put out a spread of goodies to keep them going during their physically taxing day. This year it was much lighter on the quantity side, but still... And they came last night, so after playing until some very wee hours, they slept in and I fixed a lunch-time breakfast. I had fresh sugar cookies ready last night for their late-night snacking also. Then a crock-pot full of yummy meaty nacho dip was available through the afternoon and sandwiches this evening. They left tonight around 8pm, and we cleaned up. Tonight the house is straight and neat, upstairs and do

Up and running

We're back, and overall, it's not too bad. The things we're missing aren't so much *missing* as just different. It's all good. You haven't missed anything, don't you worry. Nothing much is happening that anyone would want to hear about. Just life. It's Friday evening, and I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday. I still can't believe that's NOT abnormal for me. Funny how things can change in a year! Of course, it's been dangerously cold, so who really wants to be out anyway?!? I've got some thoughts I wanna get down for my own remembrances. I may forget before I get to it, but we'll see. Tomorrow has some goings on, Sunday may be the day. But then again, I only remembered today that I've got tax documents to get done and out to my former employee-type buddies. (Hi girls!) So "real" blogging may have to wait. Everyone's been doing such thoughtful and meaty's got me in the mood! Ha

Technical difficulties

We are having the switch made today... leaving Charter for AT&T and Dish.  We're doing a major downgrade for financial reasons, and of course, there have been glitches.  Hopefully we'll be back online and running smooth soon.  For now, I'm borrowing a signal from someone nearby.  It's iffy though... I'm having withdrawals.

Princess Eliana

We have about 40+ blogs that we keep up with for kids and families with DS. I often say that the blogs have been our lifeline, and I have most definitely learned more from them than any medical or "official" site. So many of you have become like "real" friends, and it feels like we just never get to really hang out! I appreciate all the emails and behind the blog stuff that we share with so many of you... that makes my days brighter every single time. I could list all the adorable kids who make me smile and it could go for days... but today I want to pick out one little gem. Miss Eliana is a princess who has traveled much the same road as Braska, and her mom Leslie is a marvelous example of a great mother and a kind and caring friend, it's clear. Eliana was born about a month after Braska, she had similar heart issues, she had a G-tube for a while, but she has blossomed into just an absolute doll who is wowing lots of people and especially her family who a

Prego update: Week 35

I'm exhausted. Braska's been getting up in the night for no apparent reason, unhappy and won't go back to sleep. Two times one night, three times another night, for a few hours at a time... I thought I had a few more weeks for sleeping through the night!!! So this will be short and simple... As an FYI...there is conflicting data on my "dating" as they call it. Like when I'm actually due. My timeline is as you see in the side bar on the blog and the timing in these updates. The OB seems to think I'm figuring it a week too early, that I'm actually due one week later. So they think I'm 34, I say 35. I told her it would only be a problem if the baby is getting bigger than I would like or if they think I'm hanging on til 41. No deal. We came to an agreement, so that's good. ~~I've lost 2 lbs in the last two weeks. No surprise to me. It seems to be my weird thing. Total weight gain in 35 weeks...6 lbs. I can deal with that. ~~Ove

Since you asked: Kinlee stuff

Several people in blogland and in our "regular" world have asked if we're ready for Kinlee to be here, and that's usually followed by "Do you need anything? Do you have everything for her?" The quick answer is that we do have what is necessary to bring a kid home when it's time. And that's generally where I like to leave it, as we don't *need* the other items. But the longer answer is that there are a few gaps, and a wise person reminded me that many people like to pass on things they're not using to those who can use them, so I thought this was the best way to communicate where our gaps are. And by the way, I know it seems odd that we wouldn't have everything since we have a barely-2-year-old girl and we're expecting another girl. I mean, where did everything go?!? Well, we didn't really think there was going to be a follow-up kiddo, so I gave away lots of stuff to others who needed it, most of it actually, and therefore, we kind

A late (and maybe petty) Christmas miracle

If you know me, like for real, or if you've been around here long, you've gathered that I don't cook much. It's not because I can't, it's because it's generally a waste of time in our house. (Now that I think about it, Friday I made sloppy joes for lunch and lasagna for dinner, and M ate both! That's a very impressive day in our house.) I do felt like I've lost alot of whatever skills I might have had 10 years ago, kind of a "use it or lose it" situation. It just seems when I try things lately, rarely do I have success. Not sure why, but I've been in the mood for sugar cookies lately. They are not my favorite cookie, but still... they're yummy. I made some last week, but the recipe was apparently too healthy for it's own good, and they were marginal at best. Last night, I wanted them again. (Thankfully, weight gain hasn't been an issue with this pregnancy...update here if you missed it.) So I looked online for a recipe that

Now THAT'S a true friend

All this talk of giving and making sacrifices... and here's a classic example that blew me away. It does my heart good to see that there are those out there who are not afraid to do the right thing. Please take a few minutes to watch this very encouraging story . GMA Thank You to Ralph

Counting My Blessings: 2008

To counteract the deep and vague elements of the grouchy post ...time for gratefulness! I'm surprised I haven't done more posts about the things I'm grateful for. Obviously, it's my blog, I'm the only one to blame. And I'm generally all about being grateful, saying "thank you," showing appreciation for thoughtful gestures and I'm not sure what my issue is forgetting to include that in my blog life. Ah well, no need for excuses. Just fix it! So here's a smattering of things that I feel like are highlights of 2008 and just a few of the blessings that we are so very grateful for. God is, as always, very good to us. (Just a side note: God is good no matter how blessed we feel. He is good when we are miserable. He is good when things are very bad in our estimation. He is good no matter what. He doesn't change. How we view our circumstances and what we choose to do with our opportunities changes. But he is always good and doing wh