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A very Merry Christmas Eve

It’s been a good day, though long. We had a family Christmas today, just the 4 of us. Maybe I’ll get around to posting about that soon. ( I do miss the blogging thing , I don’t mind saying. ) It’s really pretty tonight, as we go to sleep.  It snowed all day today and left a beautiful blanket on things.  Not too much to deal with, but enough to be fun to watch fall and nice to see around. These are pics of my front yard and my back, right now, 11:43 pm. No flash or added light than what you see.  And no, I don’t live in Alaska.  But I do live in the city, and though it rarely gets really dark, it’s generally not quite like this.  City lights plus snow equals pretty amazing night views. We head a bit south tomorrow morning bright and early. Christmas at the in-laws’.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Free is good

(We’re still in the midst of the station break . But I must fulfill my duty to Shutterfly . They gave me free cards, after all.) There it is, your sneak peek at our Christmas cards.  For those of you privileged enough to receive one to actually hold in your hands and enjoy, you’ll see that there is also more of the cute and clever inside. Now don’t you wish you’d have joined us for the Happy Bloggy Holiday card exchange ?? Thanks, Shutterfly , for the great bloggers promotion!