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Lots of 6th graders

Today's speaking engagement went well. I think. They seemed to be tuned in,  the six groups of like 40+ 6th graders. That's something. I had too much material to cover (shock...  me? Wordy?) but I managed. I've got some work to do before I hit the speaking circuit, but I enjoyed it. B clammed up and wouldn't even look at the kids. Good thing I had plenty of pictures in my presentation. Overall it was good. Really nice group of kids. And the perk of seeing my "old"  roomie was the best.

Acceptance. Awareness.

Tomorrow, or in 8 hours to be specific, Braska and I head southwest to Rolla for Acceptance Awareness Day. My single-days roomie invited me to speak for one of several stops that 6th graders will make. I'll present the same 20 mins of material 6 times through the morning. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend. I'm looking forward to sharing with the students. I'm hoping I say the right things. And Braska's not without responsibility... She is reading her own introduction. We talked about what she wanted to say. And I put it together for her. The kids cracks me up. But she's turning into a good little reader. Can't believe she's almost 6!! Praying for safe travels,  open minds,  and wise words.

Too much loss lately

Friends have lost daughters. Friends have lost mothers. Others have lost beloved friends and aunts and uncles. There has been much loss around my family lately. But today there will be a service for a husband and father to very young ones who thoroughly adored him. He felt he wasn't enough,  and he had no idea he was their all. It's heartbreaking to think of those children. Just now, another husband of a special friend, father to really great kids, faithful friend and example for many,  passed away after a totally unexpected health shock. It's hard to even grasp. I'm so sad for them,  but glad they are those who can grieve with hope. Their trust is not abandoned even in this. No matter what my current list of frustrating circumstances is,  and it's been longer than usual lately, my gratefulness is in need of ramping up. I am blessed. To have mine all with me. To have a shelter to sleep in. Count your blessings today,  friends.