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Jolly Holly Time

Other duties as assigned

I work at the Y.  My job description is very long and varied. (I totally underestimated how much info one would need to access on any given shift.) But being a living mannequin for tutu-creating co-workers (for a work event, of course)…  I didn’t see that on my list of tasks. Must be under that famous “other duties as assigned” line that is always at the bottom of the list. Lest anyone try to say that I don’t enjoy my work…

Shutterfly winners!

It’s only taken me for.ever. to get this done.  Life’s nuts, but it’s the holidays… whose life ISN’T nuts?!? Ok, get to it already… I hear ya.  It’s time for Christmas cards to be going OUT! Jessi, Kristen, and kthomas. The 25 free cards codes are yours!!  If you haven’t received the code from me in your email today, send an email to braskasmom at gmail. com and I’ll send you each your coupon code so you can get them ordered pronto! Dad and Angie… if I had two more codes, they would totally have been yours!!  Thanks for playing!