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Hindsight: Hints of DS, Part 1

When Braska was born, we were shocked about the news that she had Down syndrome. There had been an abnormal blood test in the second trimester, but combined with the other information from ultrasounds and such, it was decided that the risk was not that much different than my normal risk for age 32. We did not have an amnio because the results would not have changed our course, regardless of what they told us, and I am terrified of needles and would never opt for an elective procedure that uses a big one and invades the baby's personal space. No way. We dismissed the whole thing, for the most part, although I do remember praying after that point that she would not have it. I felt silly for doing so because I was sure she didn't. This is just one more example in my life of how God is way smarter than me. He knew we needed her, just as she is. It took me a while to see that, admittedly, but I got there. I never planned to have kids, for as long as I can remember. The idea

Wonderful welcome home

Today the girls, both canine and human, and I made the trip back home. Kinlee does not travel nearly as well as Braska did at that age, that is for sure, but overall, they did well. Both trips, down and back, had stops at about halfway for a hold-over feeding for Kinlee. And it's only a 2-hour trip!! She doesn't go to sleep and snooze the whole way as I'd like, so we adjust. When she starts to cry, Braska yells at her, and if Kinlee doesn't stop--which she doesn't--then Braska melts into one of her previously rare crying fits. Then the dog barks at both of them. It's good times. So even though I prefer a straight-through trip, we stop and calm them all, then we continue on. When we arrived home today, there was a very delightful surprise here to greet us. A sweet bouquet of flowers. It might look simple to you, but to me it's absolutely perfect. I knew immediately that there was thought behind it, and I'm all about that kind of thing. I called M right

Speaking of roads...

I went "into town" with one of my sisters for lunch today. The rest of the family is gone, so we took Braska and Kinlee and headed for Chinese. Town is about 7 miles from the house, and getting there means traveling a couple more of those hilly, winding roads that are prevalent around these parts. Joy was driving ahead of me since she had to go to work after lunch, and the girls were quiet little chicks for the drive in, so I left the radio off and took in the sights as we drove. Just down the road from the parents' place is a corner that I will forever notice. This time it's not for something I was involved in but instead for someone I knew. Sandy was the nurse at the first medical clinic I worked at 12 years ago. It was a new after-hours clinic that was beginning here, and there were just three of us involved: Sandy, Dr. S, and myself. It was a very neat experience overall, and it began my career in medical practice management that continued for the next 11

An old familiar road

Yesterday I drove, with the girls and the dog, to my parents' house in rural Dent County, Missouri. There are two ways to get there once you leave Interstate 44--the hilly, winding, curvy way (72) OR the hilly-er, winding-er, and curvy-er way(68). We usually go 72, as someone in our family has motion issues with cars, crests, and curves. But since that particular someone was not with us this trip, and it was good weather, and it was still daylight, I took 68. I used to take 68 every time. When I made this trip home from college. When I went back to St. Louis for things after graduating while I was living in town nearby. When I would come back here to visit after moving back to St. Louis. Highway 68 was the route for me. You see, I'm a driving enthusiast. I love to drive. I especially love to drive good cars, powerful cars, cars with tight sport suspension, cars that respond when you ask alot of them. There has been a passion for cars in me for quite a while. Back

Missing the point

I don't often like to reply to comments in another post, but sometimes it seems the way to go. No, I'm not going to rant, so if you're looking for drama, sorry to disappoint. I'm in a bit of rush...ya know, new baby, toddler, and this will be relatively short. I'm not all that sensitive about this kind of thing--questionable jokes, using the wrong words, or words in the "wrong" order--related to the disability community. I'm in the minority in many circles that I travel in due to this. I understand the outrage at the "r-word" and I know the PC way to say things, but I admit I don't really react with the fervor that many do. That's just the honest truth. So this is not me flipping out about his comment about the Special Olympics. It's more about what it may indicate. And one thing I do agree with many of my friends and acquaintances in the world of developmental disabilities... it's not just a joke. And if i

Danger, no speech writer!

This may be a good reason to go back to the policy of not appearing on this kind of show as a sitting President. Braska may "just" be in the Special Olympics some day (which is FINE by me), but she can say "gaffe" already. Summary (In case you couldn't hear it) BO: "I bowled a 129" JL: "That's very good." BO:" It's like Special Olympics or something." Wow.

Jumping into Spring

Today we went outside, the girls and I. I strapped Kinlee on in her little backpack-on-the-front thing and carried Braska, too. (I'm on doctor's orders not to carry them when not necessary...ha! So much for helping the back pain that's been nagging me lately.) I put Braska in her tree swing and she kept saying, "Push!!" She's got no fear on the swing, for sure. Then we took a walk around the block with Braska in our new-to-us red Bugaboo Frog stroller, a gift from a friend (Thanks J and S!), and with Kinlee sleeping in her contraption. It was nice to get out, Braska LOVED being out in the breeze, but I was ready to get home by the time we were done. But nice is it to see 70s and sun?!? Since I got in the mood, I did a new spring layout tonight, too. Featuring my favorite little cutie blossoms, of course. If you haven't seen it, check out Braska's blog to see what she decided to "spring" on us tonight!

Feed them and they will grow

Ok, so this might be so not exciting to most people on the planet, but my kids are gaining weight. In our house, that's SOMETHING! When the girls were weighed on Friday, Kinlee was 9 lb 3 oz. Less than 5 weeks old, born at 7 lb 6 oz. What?!? How does that happen? Maybe that's normal to some people, but not for us. I weighed her THREE times just to be sure it was right. I can't believe she's gaining that fast. Braska was at least 2 months, closer to 3 when she got there. She was 11 lbs at her surgery at 3 months after us stuffing her with tube feeds. Then she was back to 10 lbs at 4 months, 15 lbs at 12 months.Which brings us to the next bit of info.... Braska was 22 lb 1 oz!!!!! That's crazy! This from the girl who gained only 4 lbs between her first and second birthdays. 3 months ago she was just shy of 20 lbs, now she's over 22? I suppose it's about the intake...go figure. Kinlee is eating like a champ, though I didn't think nearly enough


Last week, Jen , Mark, and Sophie came to town for Sophie's ear tube placement at SLCH . We met up after the procedure at the Galleria so Jen could snag some shoes for Sophie (not that she was able to get what she wanted, unfortunately, but the Robeez Sophie got were super cute!). The double stroller we have is very good, it maneuvers very smoothly and opens and folds up really easily. Since it's so easy to deal with, I thought I'd add another task or two to the situation... Most of you know that you can click on the pictures in any post and they'll open up bigger. But in case you can't see clearly enough... Is there a law against driving a double stroller with one hand while holding a newborn with the other while holding the bottle with my chin?? (No, but there should be a law against that double chin that is created with this position!)


I'm not usually one to do these things for lack of time, but this one caught my attention. Those of you who know me well can probably guess what my favorite part is... You Are a Crossword Puzzle You are well read, and you have a good head for remembering facts. You are a wordsmith. You have a way with words, and you're very literate. You are a mysterious person who enjoys dropping little clues every now and then. What Kind of Puzzle Are You?

Finding a groove

**FYI--There is a picture link to Kinlee's blog in the left margin below Braska's picture link. For those of you who wanted a direct connection...there ya go!** I'm really not keeping up with this blogging stuff like I'd hoped, but hey...what else is new!? Me? Learning something different than I had planned? No way! I know there are a particular few of you who especially enjoy these epiphanies of go right ahead. The girls are both in their beds sleeping right now, I just got out of the shower, and I've got about 40 minutes to say hello to blogworld and pick up the living room before the PT gets here. How are we? That is the most popular question. Depending on it's context, there are several answers... Physically--We are all well. I'm feeling pretty good, much better than I have for months since all that pregnancy aching is gone. The girls have been healthy. M is finally feeling better after having a couple rounds of frustrating symptoms. My ne