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One. Done.

First visit with the personal trainer. Check. I'm jello. But its good.

Talking about trees

Baby Patrick is here today. He has had a bit of a fussy streak this afternoon. But in the last little bit, he calmed down and was chatting a little with me. I said to him, "What are you telling me?  What are you talking about?" Kinlee said, from across the room, "He is talking to you about deciduous trees, Mom." Oh good. She is also a baby translator. That's helpful.

Quite the gang

A circle of friends. Ready for the Madison Zoo!

One of those days

I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow. I've been busy every night this week, til 11pm a few nights. I've been gone and running every day all day. Its just been one of those weeks. But today... Today was supposed to be the catch up day. Today was no school. Today was home all day. Today was laundry and packing and cleaning and more cleaning. That was the plan. Instead... today I dropped my phone in the toilet.  Thankfully, into clean water.  Today I packed up two very disheveled little girls and hustle to the Verizon store. Today I got a new phone, after much debating in my head. Today I had a lovely visit with a new nutritionist. Today I worked for 90 mins on someone else's resume. These lists don't match up. I went to work tonight after trying hard to find someone to cover for me. It was not the productive day I had hoped for. I was frustrated a lot, and often, and easily.  But I made it through. I'm still not ready. The house won't be clean like I would pre

Preschool Prep GOOD deal!! Good thru weekend!

Just thought I’d share…  I ordered the new Meet the Phonics set for my girls, and a new set of sight words flashcards for Braska to take to school in the fall.  (Her favorite motivator for tough tasks!)  She has plain-old worn through her first set! We have loved the letters, colors, shapes, numbers, and sight words DVDs.  They have been a huge part of my girls’ learning! And this is not a paid endorsement!!! News!!! This has been extended. Thru the weekend. Yay!! Save50 is the coupon code.

At the close of Mother's Day

The last check on my girls shows that Kinlee has crawled into bed with her sister. I hope they remain as fond of each other as they are now... (And yes, Braska is still wearing Christmas pajamas, but its what is available. If you have cute pajamas that you think would be more appropriate, feel free to ship them our way!) **Sent from the land of Android via Verizon and my Incredible.

Little typing fairy

I am working on the parental present level for Braska’s IEP meeting on Monday.  I got up to go put some dinner together and left my laptop open on the couch.  When I returned, I found that someone had been there… This is why I save documents often. But really, I couldn’t be more proud of my little 3-year-old typist/speller/reader.  This was unprompted. She sounded things out as they came to mind. The kid is pretty fun. 

Wisconsin or bust

Do you know this area?? If you happen to live on or near that map, or plan to be there in about 10-12 days, drop me a line and let’s get together!  We’ll be doing a family trip north for a new friend’s new baby celebration and a few popcorn-style visits to see buddies “in the neighborhood.”  My girls are SO excited…  if only they had any idea how long they’ll be sitting…

Time to open the pool--or not. (And KiKi flashback.)

It’s 90 in our corner of the St. Louis metro today.  It’s days like this I miss our pool. It used to be THE place to be.  For friends, for fun, and for cooling off.  Busy every night of the summer and many days all day long. (Check out that cute little bug in the lower part of the pic… only about 6 months old. Braska Bear, the tiny-er version.) Right about now, we’d be prepping to go through the arduous process of opening the pool.  It wasn’t glamorous, that part.  But oh so worth it. Yet with the girls at the age they are now, as much as they love the pool, I’m glad it’s not right out the back door.  For a few reasons. So I’m kind of glad we no longer have a pool, too.  I’m torn.  But I suppose I’m glad the decision was made for me, so to speak. One day, I hope to have a pool again, though. ------------------------------------ And as I was looking back through old posts, thinking about the pool, I came upon this post from 2010 … with video of Kinlee chatting a bit. A

Testing Blogger's Android App. Live Writer rocks!

(ETA: I didn’t clarify initially… Android app is for phone obviously. And Live Writer is for PC. I shouldn’t have mashed up all the comments.  Blogger has made changes to the online version of their interface, and I’ve yet to hear anyone who thinks even slightly favorably about it.) I'm skeptical, I admit. But for kicks, I'll toss up a pic of my bugs at dance class this past Saturday. (ETA:  I didn’t like it. The pic was horrible in translation. Very poor. So there ya go.  And I’m changing the pic now…. using Windows Live Writer, of course!) And by the way, for all my buds that have been complaining about Blogger's new (online) interface, I agree... But I never use it, so life is good. Download Windows Live Writer and your editing and posting will suddenly make you smile again!! And I'm just a fan, not a paid endorser. But give me drag and drop photos with the simplest resizing, offline post compilation capabilities, and the easiest watermarking and