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Better late than...later

I'm due for a post. It's time to put up some kind of witty story or interesting idea or thought-provoking question. But I don't have it. I mean, not right now anyway. I spent a long time putting up info on Braska's blog , and I don't have anything left. Maybe it's because I'm all congested in my nose and breathing with my mouth open and I just want to go to bed. Maybe not...but either way, I'm not worth much for the moment. So I'll spare you further rambling... here's looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow morning.

On one hand...

We're ending day 6 of a 7-day family/friends tour of Missouri. There are alot of paradoxical elements to family visits. On one hand it's great to visit and kind of relax, but on the other hand, we're ready to be home and in our own space. On one hand it's nice to get away, spend time in the car together, and listen to some good books on CD, but on the other hand, after quite a bit of time, it'll be nice to not have a trip over 15 minutes for the next week or so. To recap...Weds: Our home to my parents'--5 1/2 hours. Thurs and Fri: No driving!! Saturday: My parents' to friends in Columbia-- 2 1/2 hours, then friends to M's parents' place--2 hours. Making a triangle in East Central Missouri...priceless. Tomorrow we'll go 35 minutes to Children's, whole day of visits, same trip back here, then 3 hours home. On one hand it's nice to let the hosts do their thing, but on the other hand, we tend to like things our own way. On one hand it'

Thankful, very thankful.

Pam at Rhett's Journey tagged me for a meme of what things we're thankful for. I've meant to do another one of these for a while, but obviously haven't gotten around to it. (Reminds me of a wooden coin-like thing I had when I was younger that had the letters TUIT on it. It was round. A round tu-it. Get it... I always think of that.) Anyway....... Since it's Thanksgiving Day, it's about time I get over my procrastinating ways and get to it. ~I'm thankful for a sound mind and good sense. I know that may be debatable in the opinions of some of you, but I've seen some disturbing examples in those around me lately of a lack of sound-ness. It makes me very thankful that I have the ability to consider a situation, review the options, and make a sensible decision. It's no small thing. I still goof up, but those seem to be fewer and less severe. ~I'm thankful that one year after living through the heartbreaking events of Braska's arrival and diagnose

The story: Special delivery

If you want to get caught up, all the way, then click here for the backstory . So I rested and slept and thought and waited until about 2 am. The contractions were getting more intense, and although they didn't hurt, I could tell something was different about them. I debated in my head alot about whether or not I was feeling the "right kind" of pressure that they kept asking me about. Finally, I asked to be checked again, and what do ya's time! They called Dr. N right away and got me all ready to go. She got there in about 10 mins, got all gowned up, and said, "Let's have a baby." I pushed 4 times, over about 8 or 9 minutes, and there she was at 2:27 am. 7 lbs 0 oz, 19 1/2 inches. Nebraska Larae. I didn't have a bit of pain while pushing, either. Very cool. It was all very exciting for about 1 minute. One precious minute of bliss. The baby went to the warmer just across the room and my husband followed. The doctor continued to do her thing

The story: The big day...or so we thought

One year ago today... It doesn't seem possible. It's been a year. I've been putting off writing this because I wasn't sure what all it would give way to in my brain. So we'll see... if you are up to reading the story, you might want to grab a hot cocoa or something and get comfy. November 20 has always been my parents' anniversary. That's what the date meant to me. Until it was decided about my 37th week that it would be a good day to induce me. My doctor was going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, and I didn't care to roll the dice on who else in the group I might get stuck with if I waited it out. Plus, I'm a planner, so I loved knowing when it would all take place. I'll spare you the icky details, but I was already "progressing" a week before, so the doctor felt like I would go quickly through the process. I figured we'd show up in the morning, have a baby by dinner, nice and easy. We arrived early that morning, checked in, got

Secret blogger gift!

Today my mailman brought me a package! That's always fun. And it was even better because the return address said "Secret Blogger"! Shelley from Life as Household 6 got my name! She sent me some dandy Christmas kitchen items and *drum roll please* Godiva chocolates! Woo Hoo! Thanks Shelley!!!

Simulpost: Time to DO something

For those who are skimming and in a hurry, read this... if you are one who is planning to get Braska something for Christmas (I realize that's not all of you, of course) please grant us this wish... FIRST donate to one or more of these Angels , then if you choose, feel free to wrap up something for her. But I would largely prefer that you spend your money on them...they need every penny, and we simply don't "need" for anything. If this means that Braska has no "actual gifts" under the tree, then so be it! And the same goes for gifts for me! Let us know who you donated to, so that we may add them personally to our prayer list of special friends. Here's why... Lately, I've had an especially sensitive heart toward the kids of the world, especially disabled, who are in such poor conditions in institutions and orphanages. This is a new thing for me, not new that I care, but that it's been bothering me so much. Braska and I have been praying every sin

Simulpost: All done

(I don't have time to write two for those who check both, sorry to be repetitive.) Wow, that was quick. I laid her on the bed, walked out, played a little solitaire on my phone because they said I wouldn't have time to even log on to my computer, and they came to get me in about 9 minutes. That's quick. They didn't even give her ANYTHING, just pulled the PEG out (that HAS to hurt!) and then put the new button in. I'll have pics later, but for now, we're good and grabbing a bite to eat before we swing by Grandma C's house on the way home. They said she screamed when they held her down and such, but by the time I returned to the room, she was calm and happy and not even red-faced. She is such a tough cookie! Thank you, God, for such a tough little girl!

Tube out, button in

Tomorrow morning I'll pack up little Nebraska Larae and we'll head to St. Louis Children's . She has her "switch" procedure at noon, at least that's what I call it. They'll take the Corpak out and put in a Nutriport . The good part is that there will be no more tube on the outside, nothing for her to grab and tug on whenever she gets the chance. This morning she got it the best yet, and I thought she was going to pop it out. I just knew we'd made it all this way and the morning before it's switched, she'd get it out of there and we'd be headed to the ER. But she was caught in the act and all was saved. Pray for safe travel, successful procedure, no complications, and that Mommy and baby don't go crazy in the car for 3 hours down and then back again. Aw, darn! Just remembered that I forgot to pick up a couple books on CD for the drive. Grrrrrrrr Have a good one...

Gift certificates, anyone?

I have 4 gift certificates, each for $25 off a purchase at CanvasOnDemand or GreatBigCanvas . My sister got us a nifty canvas print a few months ago, so I guess they want more of my business. It is a really super neat gift idea, I admit, but I'm happy to pass them on to whoever if you're interested. Just let me know in the comments and send me an email (in my profile ) with your snail mail address. First four get 'em...ready...GO!

Best laid plans

Today was going to be a day to get things done. We didn't need to go anywhere, we didn't have any interruptions on the schedule. I was going to get caught up with work-work, make a dent in the backlog of housework, and start tackling the 10 x 10 pile of paperwork that I still half-heartedly call my office. I love productive days. That was the plan. The reality was a bit different. Braska was especially grouchy this morning, a pattern that's been increasing the last few days. It's not fun and completely out of character for her. I realized that we had never returned the syringe pump that we used for feeding, even though we haven't used it in over 4 months. After getting Braska dressed to go out, she spit up on her outfit...repeat twice. Eventually we got the belly settled and more clean clothes on, so I ran that over to the medical supply place. When we got back it was lunch time, M was home, time to feed him and then it was Braska's turn. She griped a

November at a glance

Just re-did the whiteboard calendar in the kitchen...This month is gonna be a bit busy. Some things aren't really "to do" but I'm sentimental, so remembrances still count. ( I realize I'm a few days late, so some have already passed...but you get the idea.) ~Nov. 1--10 years ago my husband rolled into town here with all his belongings in his car (and his parents' truck too, as I remember it) to move in and start all over after being in Montana for many years. I came then, too, arriving that night for my first weekend visit here. And the rest is history, kind of... he (and me, occasionally at first) has been here ever since. For both of us, this is up there with the longest we've lived anywhere, since we both moved alot as kids. ~Nov. 1--Appt with realtor (more on this later) to discuss improvements we plan to make and what priority is best. No, we're not moving. ~Nov. 3--Saturday singles...I'm meeting a couple times a month with a group of college

Blog breather

I suppose I wore myself out keeping up with 31 for 21. Or that's the excuse I'm going with for now, anyway. I still plan to finish The Story , but not tonight. I've got old pictures I'd like to share for the humor value, and I've got some ponderings that I'm curious to have some other perspectives on, so we'll get to that soon. For now, I need to finish the laundry, feed the child, and go to bed. Sweet dreams to all.