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Hangin’ with Whitey

We’re busy. Really busy.  Overbooked.  More than even the normal overbooked.  I hope to get to more details about it all soon. But the time just keeps passing… But we took the time to let Braska be a little mini-hostess of sorts at a big event for her previous school, where she still goes for private therapy. Just so happened that Whitey Herzog was there too… Aren’t we all luau ready?  It was a fun night. And I’m glad for the neat pic. We have an autographed print of it Whitey gave us, too. So nice! It doesn’t look like it in this pic, but Braska had a blast this whole night. And it was a late one.  The girl was just amazing, charming dollars for the school right out of wallets left and right. (KiKi was at Grandma C’s for a sleepover. So she had fun, too, don’t worry.)

The daily wait

Here we are. Today Kinlee is with me since it's Thursday. Waiting for Braska to emerge after school. I have found in just these short four days that I kind of like this time. I have been able to arrange time to be here early enough to sit,  enjoy the peace,  and prepare for the rest of the day. On Tuesday and Thursday when KiKi is with me, she sits in the drivers seat and we pretend to take trips. Sometimes waiting is not a bad thing.

First day of same school

Pre-K4 and Kindergarten. Here they come. They were so excited this morning! I got up and went for a very early walk/run in the dark. I prayed for them to have a great year and for protection,  as we have been doing many times a day. I got my shower and get-ready routine out of the way before trying to gently wake them with the hall light and some household noise. They were up and eating breakfast by 645, and then we dressed and primped and took pics. We took some pics in front of the house and loaded up. Managed to get on the road by goal time of 745. First day drop off was all new since it's a new private school for us ... Some parents do the drive by drop and some park and join the classes in their areas outside. I took Kinlee to her class area,  where she saw two friends she recently met and was glad to see. She was being all girly with her friends so I took B in to do last bathroom stop before class. We are working on all that as we go.  Another post... Then we joined B'

Comments: #2 School Transportation

My friend Cate put forth a question to us, her humble readers, and once I started working through the  comment, it made me think I should have just done a post on it myself.  But I don’t have time right now. So I’ll just direct you to her post , and share what I wrote, and if you have respectful input on either, then I know I’d like to hear what that would be. Ok, if what you're asking is what would WE do if it were B, then I'll answer this way...  **I would for sure not put her on the regular bus. Not a chance.  Maybe in a couple years, but not at this age. **I might use the minivan service. The car seat thing is huge to me. And it would be independent, if that's what you want, but safer. **But I would definitely be driving, and I am driving. (Of course that was solidified by my switch to private school, but I had declined bus service even when the plan was the school 15 minutes away.)  There is just something huge to me about the car ride to school an

Good time to stock up on Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep Company Big sale!! These are the materials my girls like best.  I credit them, and our consistency in working with them, for my girls early letter/number recognition and early reading skills.  We love all of it… letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words, and phonics. If you want more info about our experience with them, just ask!

Funning in the sun

We’re trying to enjoy the last week of summer!  The girls start school on Monday.  But meanwhile…. it’s time to play! If you’ve missed the big news, visit over here .  And Braska’s tossed up a bunch of stories, so visit over there scroll through July if you’re not caught up!