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“Merely being human.” Not enough.

We’ve broached a lot of hot topics around here… and all of them have supporters on both sides.  Discussion is part of life. Please tell me that there can be no one with a heart that thinks that THIS is worthy of support.  Unfathomable, and yet clearly there are some, with an audience, who actually are serious about this query…  “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” Several articles came out in the last day or so on this topic… Ethicists Argue killing Newborn Babies Should Be Allowed Ethicists Argue in Favor of “After-Birth Abortions” as Newborns “Are Not Persons ” (Mentioning DS specifically) Ethicists Argue for Post Birth Abortions One of the things I read referenced this news article out of Canada.  It’s surreal to me.

DS Moms: Need your school thoughts

I could write for days.  Lots of info is being taken in and many things are looking different than I thought it would.  We’re at the beginning of this transition process for the fall, and things are already different than we had understood them to be only recently.  It’s not all doom and gloom, but there are some mental adjustments already needing to be made on my part, so input is welcome. So I want to start with this…. if you have a kiddo (DS or other SpEd situation) that is prepping for Kindergarten or has already been through the Kindergarten thing in the last few years, can you share how it looked for you?  Feel free to email if you’d rather… braskasmom atgmaildot com  I’m specifically looking for glimpses at how the day looked…how much time in the reg ed room and for what activities/subjects, what para support was there and if it was one person all day or different throughout, what pull-out/SpEd/resource room time looked like…also anything from your experience about how you

Kinlee: The stats at 3

I took Kinlee to her 3-year check-up on Thursday.  She was not really excited about going.  She doesn’t mind going along when Braska goes, but she is not a fan of being the center of things at the doctor’s office. She did really well, and we walked out of there with her pediatrician’s favorite description of her, from the first visit we had after she was born.  “Perfect! This pretty girl is perfect!” First, she stood on the big scale for the first time…. She is 27 lbs. Comes right in at a whopping 12th percentile. (I’ve previously talked about how much stock I put in “typical” growth charts.) Then it was time for height… She came in at 36 3/4 inches.  Just about 33rd percentile. All systems are looking good.  Kinlee got a little upset about getting undressed and having her temperature taken under her arm, of all things…  but Dr. A was good about letting her keep her clothes on until she needed whatever was covered.  (Weird that Kinlee was funny about taking her clo

This is love…

Restore the sparkle

The sermon this morning at church referenced the stages of grief, talking about the “blessed are those who mourn” Beatitude . It was a good sermon.  Once it’s posted on the media page for the church, I’ll link it.  And if you’re around much, you know that’s not a common thing for me.  It just struck me today.  My life is full of good things.  There are lots of people who have many more reasons to be unhappy at times.  And it’s not like every day is a big sad cloud.  I don’t mean that.  But I’ve had to admit lately that there are definitely things that are weighing on me more than I realized.  Some from long ago, some more recent. I’ve not experienced a loss like a death. He talked about the various things we grieve, and how it might look in our lives.  And it made sense. I have had major loss, life change, a crushing blow or three or four.  There are things to grieve deeply. Who knew… I’m still bouncing around between anger and depression and shock… but rarely do I land on acceptan

Met Life Center for Special Needs Planning

(This is not a paid endorsement. I’m not on commission. It’s just good information to pass along from our personal experience.) If you’re in the StL metro or surrounding areas, this group is doing a free workshop about all this on 2/27 in O’Fallon, MO.  Let me know if you want more details. braskasmom atgmail. com Throughout the Down syndrome community and other groups supporting those with special needs, it is often heard discussed.  Special Needs Planning.  And to some, they immediately want to change the subject.  Talking about what happens to your kids when you die is not really everyone’s favorite subject.  And that’s what people seem to assume this “special needs planning” is all about. And it’s not.  Well, not completely.  It’s much more than that. Yes, there is the discussion of things like who will care for your children if you are not able to, how you want them cared for, what you expect them to have access to and what resources are most important.  But there are many

My 3-year-old big little girl

Someone has a birthday today…   She loves life and the daily doings…   She loves (LOVES) reading… She loves to take pictures… She loves to play on the computer and type messages to her daddy… She loves her sister…a lot… She loves her parents… She loves her grandparents… And she loves to “nose” her daddy, especially early in the morning on her 3rd birthday… And we love her.  Bunches and bunches.  Brilliant brain, cozy cuddler, diva drama. All of it. Happy Birthday, little beauty.

To all my running heroes… NDSC Fun Run chance!

My friend, known in the blogosphere as “krlr,” is being a catalyst for good things.  She’s helping to put together a group of people who would like to do a fun run during the NDSC convention weekend in DC.  My guess is that this is going to be a hit! She explains it way much better, so go read her post .  But if you are into those things, or if you want motivation to BE into those things, get on the list!  It’s a super cool idea.  Kudos!