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Push button here. Car starts there.

We have been surprised and so blessed by a neat provision of God through some very dear friends to grant us a newer,  nicer, better-fit-for-a-family-of-four car than our little sporty Eclipse that M drives to work each day.  So we’ve got an extra car that we don’t *have* to sell right away but are putting out there to see if anyone might need it.  Paying forward a great deal if you’re in need of some wheels with great gas mileage. What we’ll miss most…. remote start!! SO nice in both warm and cold weather. It sure spoils a driver quickly! Edited to add…. Good Gravy!!  It’s been on Craigslist for all of 60 minutes and I’ve got 3 who plan to see it tomorrow. Who knew?!?

Another blurb. Nomination for the DSAGSL

This time it’s for local charity awards, why I think the DSA is a worthwhile cause. ________________________________________________________________ The Down syndrome community is most valuable when it provides just that. Community. Knowing others who are traveling a similar journey, learning from experts who really care about the individuals for whom they are sharing and teaching makes all the difference. The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is an organization that takes community seriously, and their members benefit from their commitment to that end. I have benefitted from that commitment. My daughter’s future is brighter because the DSAGSL is walking the path along with us. Some of the best friends I have are those I’ve come to know through our local DSAGSL community group. The most amazing and inspirational moments have been when I’ve been able to share with new parents, through the New Parent Support of the DSAGSL, that a diagnosis that many say is not worth li

A little blurb. For 3/21

Lately I’ve been asked to write a thing here or there for various purposes.  And I figure if I write them, might as well let them serve double duty as a blog post, right? Glad you agree. This one was for the blog on the upcoming WDSD celebrations. _______________________ It’s always nice to have a reason to celebrate, and in the Down syndrome community, March 21 is a great day to do some big celebrating! Chosen because of the numerical similarity to the medical name for Down syndrome (Trisomy 21, 3 copies of the 21 st chromosome), 3/21 each year is a day to celebrate those we love who have Down syndrome and to make others aware of the intrinsic value of individuals with Down syndrome. Only recently has it taken on a larger audience, but World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is becoming a full-blown holiday in many areas. The blue and yellow that are held to be Down syndrome awareness colors are often seen in creative ways on March 21. Locally, many families and groups

That's my van

With my kid in it. And my keys in it. And its locked. I'm waiting inside the building so that Kinlee doesn't know there's a problem. She might get dramatic. I managed 2 dropoffs at 2 schools today,  both followed by successful child retrieval at the appointed times. But on drop number #3 at school #3 (for therapy) I changed my mind mid stream and uh oh...  Buckled child and keys locked in car. Thankfully its great weather and she is blissfully ignorant of the issue. Playing with her Nabi and happy as a clam. I'm staying clear but in view so I can see when Daddy arrives. Might be time to lighten up the schedule...  Good thing spring break of 10 days starts now. And Daddy's here. Hooray.