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Cutest of us

I tell her she’s the cutest Kinlee. She loves to tell me how cute I am, all mushy and sweet like…  we’re gooey like that. (When she’s not being one of the most frustrating little 4-year-olds I know…)  So I do appreciate the sweet times.  Together, we’re the cutest.

Cute little work crew

This past Saturday we ripped our carpet out of the living room and hallway. We spent the day pulling hundreds of staples and prying up tack strips. After a couple days of subfloor only, with the girls banned from anything but passing thru with shoes on, my parents came Monday to assist with laying new floors. Things moved slower than we expected,  but we don't know mush about the installation process. Or we didn't then... But now they're in,  they look great, and we are finishing baseboards and door trim. Because of course I wanted to do that new too... M has been pretty amazing and diligent in getting done. He took off the whole week to work on it, and with the help of hundreds of dollars worth of tools,  saws,  and compressors borrowed from friends, we are almost done. Soon the piano and two storage cabinets can be removed from the kitchen. What,  your piano isn't in your kitchen? Yes, it's chaos to have no place but a pathway to be in the kitchen. We are bri

40: The number is not the issue

I’m not upset about turning 40 today.  I get a little solemn sometimes around birthdays and anniversaries for a few reasons that I don’t know if I’ll elaborate upon or not. But it’s not the aging part.  I feel good about my age.  And as I’ve looked through some old pics, I think I haven’t changed all that much, but for the better when change is apparent…  don’t ya think? Cheesing with new glasses 2001: Age 28 2013: Age 39 Dressed up to party 2002: Age 29 2013: Age 40 (minus 6 days) So here’s to the next 10… or 20…   who knows. But the best is yet to come, I think.

40th birthday party pics

The party Friday night was really nice.  Trendy location, yummy food, great music playlist, family and friends to laugh with.  There was a little karaoke (my fave…livin’ on a prayer…totally took me back), and as my kids were the only kids there (and they left early) they enjoyed getting lots of attention and dancing with anyone willing.   It was a bit sad that many couples were out of town or ended up with sick kids at the last minute.  No fun that they weren’t there… some were appropriately bummed. But for the crowd who came and celebrated with me, thanks!!!  It was a great time! We should do it regularly, I say!

Surprise. Karaoke. 40

Tonight I was blessed with a surprise (I knew there was an event, but I didn’t know anything further than that) birthday party, thrown by my sister, Rachel and my husband. It was a fun time. I’ll write more soon and show more pics. But thanks a bunch to Rach for organizing and executing a smooth plan. And thanks to all who came. And those of you who couldn’t, we missed you.  Official birthday countdown 5 days, 10 minutes. (Lil sis Rach and me)

Things I could write about

I want to go to bed. It’s late. But I don’t want to forget the list of things in my head that, in an ideal schedule, would be able to be mulled over via blogging… today was a full day. ~Braska was off school, Kinlee “on” school, stayed for chapel with Braska at “the other school” to see her buddies. ~Dashed from chapel to Braska’s parent/teacher conference. It lasted 2 hours. Not bad, but not fully happy. Topics: reg ed time, transitions, behaviors, motivation ~Then ran back across the county to “the other school” to help with lunch and let B enjoy some more time with her friends at lunch and recess. ~Left from there to get downtown to Children’s for newest specialist on B’s team… urology. Trying to rule out medical issues for toilet training frustration. Ruled a few in. Topics: nonemptying bladder, wrong messages between bladder and brain, can be corrected and quick (per dr). ~Straight back to pick up K from Spanish, stopped by physical therapy location with one of very few

Selling without trying is fun!

I just got notification that I sold something on CafePress. I had completely forgotten that I set up a “shop,” per se, a few years ago. But someone chose my design out of many options, and I find that so fun!  Partially because I forgot it was on there, but mostly because I actually created the design myself. It’s not a stock image or something.  It was one of the first attempts at image work that I’d ever tried…  and still one of my faves, I must say. So there ya go.  Good times. Thank you R.L. in Ohio for choosing a tshirt with my DS awareness design! In case anyone else wants one….  it’s out there ! This is also kind of funny to me, because now I make shirts like crazy. Another thing I need to update any of you who still come around here about…  I made one for me for Kinlee’s school, and it caught on like wildfire.  I’ve sold 20+ since August, I’ve got over 12 shirts on my hobby table that are waiting to be done, with several more orders pending. And they’re all hand d

In the news… Common Core. IEP. Oxymoron.

Thanks to Cate for “in the news” being the first thing I thought of when I figured I’d post a link to an article.  (Don’t ever think you don’t make an impression!) Came across this article today in a very roundabout way I won’t bother to explain. But I thought it was interesting.  Common Core State Standards Don’t Rhyme with Individual Education Plans I’d like to have time to write the 20 posts or so it would take to catch you all up on Braska’s school situation. In a word—Frustrating. Here’s the summary… Positive : She goes to school. She likes to go. She likes the bus. Her teachers are nice. Needs improvement : Behaviors are becoming an issue at school, not at home. (dropping in the hall, not following directions, being goofy in the bathroom, etc) She’s the class clown, it seems. I am getting very little info or communication unless I prod, though they seem willing to share once I do prod. I’m not convinced our placement arrangement is the best, but I can’t figure out th