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Father’s Day Send-off

Today my dad was preaching at a church in the metro, so some of us went to be there on Father’s Day.  This is three of the four sisters. Rachel, me, Dad, and Julia (our summer live-in nanny) One sister and two brothers were not there. And Kinlee with her Papa Beagle. In the same meet-up, the girls switched Siennas (our family has 3 in these get-togethers, one more wasn’t there) and climbed in with Grammy and Auntie Julia for a week at music camp!  They’re getting to experience their first week of church camp, and I’m a little jealous.  I used to spend several weeks every summer there.  So they said a good bye to Daddy on Father’s Day. And Mommy had to have a goodbye picture, too, before they left for 6 days. I’m sure they will have a super week with dozens and dozens of jr. high, high school kids!  M and I are kind of looking at each other like “what do we do now?”…..  guess it’ll be a long work-day week while we have the chance!