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StL area locals--superb photo opportunity!

Last year I was blessed by a string of events that led me to connect with Kim and Jodie at Fresh Art Photography to assist with a special day of photo shoots. I've been following their blogs ever since and loving to see the great photos and cute stories and real lives of these super cool ladies. Today they posted an AMAZING chance to get to experience their art for a VERY reasonable rate and all the money goes to benefit an adopting family! Win/Win/Win! Oh wouldn't I love to get my girls in front of their cameras, especially the one who just refuses to cooperate with cameras and loves to strike unflattering poses quite frequently when the camera shows up. (Yeah, that's Braska .) Kim and Jodie shoot together, and I'm betting they might could catch Braska off her game and sneak in some nice shots. But right now this probably isn't in the cards for us... someday, though! BUT--YOU can take advantage of it and get a little mini-session scheduled, and you will NOT b

In peaceful sleep

They’re all down. Sleeping soundly. Including the dog. Don’t anyone make a move. The blog has once again fallen quiet from neglect, but that’s the way things go.  Life gets busy, days fly by, little girls demand to have books read and want to go to the store.  Kinlee has come to whine, “No, Mom! I don’t want to go home!” as soon as we turn by a landmark building near our house.  Poor thing.  But we’re here and we’re well.  We’ve decided to add to our family vicariously by letting a little one we’ll call Kidlet come over and spend some days with us each week.  So far so good. Kidlet’s quite a charmer and seems to be fitting in very well. Shhhhh. Just checked again. Three snoozing cuties. Plus the dog, still. Having an extra has brought out the little mommy in Kinlee.  She has taken her status as “The Informer” to a new level, alerting me to each (perceived) need.  Be it a binky that has fallen out of the mouth or the fact that KiKi is sure there needs to be music to accompany th

Kinlee-isms #4 in request form

To her father, while I was at a lunch with some friends... While M was feeding Braska lunch. With no contextual prompts whatsover... Kinlee pipes up. "I have an idea. We go to the park...and we slide...and we swing... and we cute... and we have fun." I so wish I had this one on video. The reenactment presented by M did crack me up though. Maybe I should get IT on video.

Two down, dozens to go

Today was Kinlee’s birthday. She’s 2. As all parents say… it’s hard to believe she can be two. But please…don’t tell her. She thinks her birthday is Saturday, the day of her party. She knows all about it. She is excited about her party. She’s excited about her Snoopy cake. She is just excited about being 2. We didn’t mention it at all today (save one almost slip by a particular almost-practically-a-sister teen…ahem). We discussed if we wanted to do a birthday today then a birthday party on Saturday, but we decided it might be confusing and it would be more fun to just have Saturday be “the birthday” all day. All that said…I still felt a few photos were necessary to document the birthday. I mean, we don’t have any guarantees in this mortal life, so why not? There will be more after the party on Saturday, and maybe I’ll do a little mushy retrospective…but don’t hold your breath. I don’t really like to do au naturel photos, but oh well. It’s what you do when it’s early and you want a c

Two favorite things collide

I love digital scrapbooking, specifically some fave designers’ blogs that I have in my Google Reader . And I have a passion for the children represented by Reece’s Rainbow . This is not news to any of you who have been around for long.  Two favorite things. Both part of me, but I didn’t ever expect the two to meet elsewhere… So how surprised I was to see posts on two of my favorite digiscrapping blogs this week promoting a super great collab kit by the awesome designers at Stuff to Scrap! It caught my attention because I KNOW that little face on the bottom of the preview pic.  I’ve seen him on the Reece’s Rainbow site for a little while. And now he’s got a family working to bring him home!  Hooray!! That family, the Hartmans , knows Shelby at JeNaSiS DeSiGn (one of my favorite designers!) and she and the other designers at Stuff to Scrap got together to do an adorable kit, from which ALL proceeds will go toward Brady’s adoption! I sent a note of thanks to Shelby and Andrea

Look at the eyes

Sometimes we look at people and don’t really look. We glance. We might offer a half smile in an attempt to look polite as we pass.   I’m especially good at that, but I have to often remind myself to look people in the eye. It’s hard. It’s intimidating, and it can make us feel vulnerable, in a sense.  What if they look away?  Ah, insecurity is a bitter companion. The same is true when we see stories or pictures of children who have less-then-ideal situations in their lives. I admit, it’s not my favorite thing to watch the news or hear of stories about children suffering. I tend to avoid it.  But yet I’m instructed to pray for “the least of these,” so I need to be aware of them in order to do that more effectively. I don’t know anyone who looks forward to reading the next “bleeding heart” plea for needy children, no matter what their “need” is.  But can I ask you to take a few minutes to read about three little cuties? Just read. That doesn’t take much effort does it? Lately there