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Look both ways

I notice things about people as they cross the street in front of me while I wait at a stoplight. Some people go only when the little walking light tells them to. That's good, obeying the law. Some people will go any old time that they want to. Some people will hustle it across the street, which seems respectful of those of us that are waiting to go as the light turns green as they're mid-street. I don't mind waiting if they are at least attempting to get across the street quickly. I do find myself thinking unpleasant thoughts about those that seem to revel in the idea that their relatively little person is stopping me in my big ole' car from continuing on my way. It's like some kind of weird power trip they enjoy. I have to admit that there is a particular group of people, not related solely to race or part of town, but more related to an obvious attitude and sense of entitlement that they possess...and these make me crazy when they happen to cross in fron

The story: Are you sure?!?

Seven years ago today, my husband asked me to marry him. He spent quite a while working on a cross-stitch that he designed with pieces of several scriptures, ending in Will You Marry Me? He had the ring sewn into the cross-stitched ring on the canvas. He asked me to come and see what he'd been working on while I was visiting him one weekend. After having to convince me to look at it, since it wasn't done and I thought I should see it all completed, I unrolled it from the top and was shocked to see the ring hanging from the bottom section. Totally shocked. I just kept saying, "Are you sure?!?! Are you sure?!? Are you sure?!? Are you sure?!?!" He just kept laughing at me, saying, "I've never been so sure of anything, I promise! Really, I'm sure!" After a few minutes of my just staring at it and him, he said, "Do you have an answer for me?" I, of course, told him yes. We immediately drove to the sand volleyball court where our friends were to

I just don't wanna!

Today we'll see a Dr who will tell us about a G-tube...what it is, why we might be interested in it, and the risks involved with it. He'll probably tell us that there are always small risks with any procedure, but that it's safe. I still don't wanna do it. Let's break down the percentages. 3% of children who undergo anesthesia have a reaction. That's 3 out of 100 for you that struggle with math, like me. I don't wanna be one of those three. 1% of patients develop infections after this type of procedure. That's 1 out of 100. I don't wanna be that one. When do the numbers get easier to work with? When do we get to stop being ruled and haunted by the percentages of risk vs. benefit? I guess that's life. I suppose it never ends. That's ok, but for now, I just don't wanna...

Think back. Move forward. It's time.

Today I was catching up on my DVR recordings...I set it for lots of stuff, but don't have time to watch so much of it. Something most people close to me know--I'm kind of a "church nerd," you might say. I like good sermons. I love going to hear great speakers challenge people. And I like listening to Christian talk's one of my favorite things about going back to St. Louis for visits and appointments...I always get to hear something that I really needed at that exact moment. I like listening to speakers who tell me things that challenge me and help me grow. One of the guys that I listen to alot is Dr. David Jeremiah. I don't agree with every little thing he says or philosophy that he holds, but he often deals with things in a manner that makes very clear which areas of my life that I need to evaluate and improve. His style of presentation is very straightforward, which is what I like. Some people like a happy comfortable sermon or topic, but I prefe

Why blog?

I think of things often that I want to remember. I am never really sure why I want to remember them. Is it to tell someone else? Is it to remind myself of the principle or concept or emotion at a later date when it's needed? Is it so I can be right sometime when I need some proof of that particular type? Who knows...but nevertheless, I often make a conscious attempt to file things away in a compartment of the brain that will be easily searchable later. Blogging is something that only recently has appealed to me as a way to categorize these things I'd like to remember. It's interesting that I would "publish" them, in that they are primarily for me, except that I believe that very few, if any, concepts or epiphanies are only valuable to one person. So if that is true, it would follow that someone out there might benefit from one of my memory files. They won't all be nice, neat, short, and sweet, in fact, most will probably be difficult to organize into sentenc