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Me time

I met up with my parents today to trade them my kids for a van.  Ok, so it’s not a complete and permanent trade on the kids side, but the girls are staying with them for the weekend.  The van is mine to keep! Yay!  More on that soon. So I’m going to be barreling forward with getting this house organized, getting myself organized a little, and just enjoying some quiet time, and hopefully time to do some writing.  For those of  you who are used to immediate responses to emails and such, make a note that tomorrow you’ll need to call me if you want something right away.  I’m OFF the computer tomorrow, at least during the day.  I will probably be on tomorrow evening.  If you don’t have my phone number but want it, send me an email tonight.  Otherwise, you might need to wait a few hours for a reply.  I know…shock!!! My goals are these…  ~~To get boxes that are yet to be unpacked since we moved in August of last year dealt with, be it unpacking or just tossing. ~~To organize my litt

This is getting off on the right foot

I saw this on Renee's blog and it's now been flooding everywhere. But since I know some of you don't keep up with such current issues, (yeah, you know who you are...tee hee) I thought I'd put a link here. A very wise person close to me said this about it..."I'm pretty sure that is what God really intends when people get married." So get ready for the party of 11/11/11, for the few of you who know what that day will bring... it's gonna be something to see!! Totally worth a watch, or two... click here .

New way to get blog posts

I'm aware that the readers of our blogs are not all on the same level of geekhood or tech ability, so we've got something new to share to make keeping up with our blogs simple.I talk about Google Reader alot. It keeps me from having to check blogs when there haven't been any posts. I receive notification of new posts on blogs I choose to watch. I like it, I use it, and I don't quite know why everyone doesn't. But for those of you who don't have alot of blogs to watch or just choose not to go the Reader route, there's a new option for you on our family blogs (mine, Kinlee's , and Braska's ). In the margin, you'll see a box that has "Enter your email address" in it. This allows you to receive blog posts in your email so that you don't have to keep coming to check the blog when it's not being updated every day...something I still aim to return to soon. Just enter your email in there and that's it. When there's a ne

Wheels of Justice

For those of you interested in the criminal, yet ridiculous story of the theft of last week, M has put up a few posts with details on his blog . It's a pretty bizarre series of events, for sure. A kind of weird, but neat thing has come out of it. It's related to the Baby Signing Time DVD (checked out from the library) that was stolen and not recovered. More coming soon on that...

One small step toward motherhood

I'm sitting here at the public library. My girls are next to me in the stroller. We've spent time reading in the big chair in the preschool section. Braska had a ball with the space to crawl in and the play table with the beads on the metal spirals (Don't know what that is called.) She showed off her fine motor skills in ways I didn't know she could. We've picked up a few Baby Signing Time videos from the kids DVD section. (She's addicted, Braska is.) Now we sit at the little cafe-looking area for wi-fi-ers, and we're waiting for M to call to say he's done with the council meeting he has to work a couple times a month. Then we'll go pick him up and head home. This is big. You might not think so, but it is. So many of you are great mothers. You take your kids on trips and experiences. You go to cultural places and lots of play venues. I generally prefer to stay home these days. I'm a mom. Moms can be found everywhere. It doesn'

Meet Lily

Doing some random searching tonight I came across a link to Braska's blog from Lily's blog , where I found this video.   Lily,  you're a doll... and such an encouragement to me today!

DSA of Central Texas

They've done a pretty great video... worth a watch. There's something different about it from others that might be similar...something I can't put my finger on, but I like it. Down Syndrome in the 21st Century from oppforce on Vimeo .

The Story: Provision. Again.

I've been dragging my feet through these adjustments and (sometimes) trials these last several months, but that should never take away from the provision of God that we've seen on our behalf again and again.  I don't think I am clear enough about how obvious his hand is evident in our lives from day to day.  That's one of those things I'd like to unload more in writing when I have more time to focus. I've been wanting to write about the last couple weeks, specifically a few little things.  I keep thinking I need to make time, but it hasn't happened. But between yesterday and today, I am amazed yet again at how well we're taken care of daily.  And I think it's time I give testimony to the surprising little ways our life's puzzle pieces have fallen into place lately. (Even though the picture that's taking shape is not one I would have picked for myself if I had been in charge of such things.  More on that later.) If you're in a hurry...

Seriously...come on!

We have one car. Everyone knows that by now. We're adjusting pretty well, for the most part. This morning, M took it instead of us taking him to work because he needed to work off-site at another county location. He called about an hour ago. Ready for it? Someone threw a brick through the passenger side front window and took our GPS and DVD player. Seriously. I just sit here and shake my head. I keep saying, "We're going to figure it out," every time some new bizarre thing pops up with us. But I'd like a break from the figuring if it's ok. ETA: Someone in the county building saw the action, called the cops with the description of the guy and the car he was in. They caught him. They got the electronics back. That's good, especially since the DVD had a Baby Signing Time from the library in it. It's now in evidence. Wow...I just had a real reason to say something of mine was "in evidence." Weird. Now to figure out how to ta

What lit up my day

I got a visit from this totally huggable, perfectly joyful, amazingly flexible beauty, along with her hot mama and super cool grandmas. There are lots more pics... I could have cuddled on this little one for at least a few more hours, no doubt. You should all be very jealous! Thanks for stopping, LC , Courtney, and company!!! We'll see you again soon.

Update light

If you're a Reader reader, there are new background layouts here, at Kinlee's , and at Braska's , so if you're into those things, check 'em out. We're here and smiling. Overall we've had a couple good weeks, even though there's been alot of potentially frustrating news and happenings going on during that time. I've surprised myself at how many things have come up and how little they've stressed me. That's nice to notice. The girls are little jewels, for the most part, and we're adjusting to living with one car fairly smoothly. I've got so many great pics and videos and funny stories and ponderings and random goofy observations that I'd love to share, but I haven't yet found the time. I did find a new spot that may be my new retreat-for-a-couple-hours-to-write spot if I find a chance. We'll see... Once again, thanks to all of you who have been checking in. Hopefully I'll get to be more consistent very soon!

God Bless Our Land

I'm very thankful for the privilege of living in the USA. I thank God for our country and our freedoms every single night when I have bedtime prayers with Braska. I also ask that He give wisdom to our leaders, local and national, to make right decisions for our nation. May we be true to the design of our country's founders as we move forward. Thank you, Lord, for this land of ours. Humble us where we need to be humbled, and give us the courage to always do what is right and best. Amen.

National Insomnia Nights

I love holidays. I like Independence Day. I like grilling parties. I like fireworks. I like to watch them in big displays. I don't even mind a few in the driveway or something. But I'm finding that there is a fuddy-duddy side to me, also known as "mother of 2 small girls who need their sleep." Unfortunately for me, we live in an unincorporated sliver of the county, between two proper suburbs, and the rules here (not that they are abided by) allow for fireworks to be set off until 11pm for 3 nights in a row. Very uncool. Especially because we live in a subdivision with over 600 houses in it, very close together, and apparently at least 500 of them are big fans of late-night fireworks. It doesn't help that 2 blocks away there is a monstrous fireworks tent selling boatloads of the stuff. Anyone got ideas on where we can go for the next two nights where there might be more sleep available?? Edited to add: It's 12:30am. We've had quiet for about 10 minutes. T