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Lowered expectations

I have been avoiding posting, I think.  I didn’t really consciously think of it that way, but it’s probably true. Because really…how do I catch up with all I’ve missed in life lately? Don’t worry!  Nothing’s going wrong. There’s not any new horrible news.  We’re chugging right along, just really busy.  It’s just that the girls are at the stages where there’s a lot going on. I’d like to discuss so many things that they are experiencing, that I am experiencing with them, and there are many questions I’d love to ask of all the wisdom that is (or used to be?) out there in my lovely readers. I kind of fear that everyone’s moved on, and really, I don’t blame ya! So I hope to have the time and motivation soon to dig back into the past few months and talk about some things that have been happening around our house.  In the meantime, there are a few little things that I can think of now… gotta love a bullet list, right?  I always like ‘em, anyway, when YOU guys do ‘em! The work re-en

Kinlee-isms: #5 How bout that?

Me: Hey girls, would you like to go downstairs with me to help with laundry? KiKi: YOU go do laundry and WE will play with toys downstairs. How bout that? KiKi: Mommy, I need fries. I need ketchup dip and I need french fries. Get it! Me: You can ask nicely if you'd like to have fries. KiKi: Can you get my fries first? How bout that?