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New Fave-o Site

Get a cup of good hot chocolate, put on your comfy clothes, and settle in with some non-rushed time to check out Dan Drinker's site. I can't even tell you how much I love watching these videos and reading what his family has written about him. I feel like I want to tune into the Dan Drinker 24-hour channel or something.

Dan is a young man with DS who is living and loving life, and his younger brother Will captures much of it on video. It's priceless, in my opinion. I just love it. Check out the blog, watch some videos, tell them that you've been there. I wish this guy lived near me!

The most recent post, about Breaking Up with Christine, is funny and poignant. Here's a couple of my other favorite videos so far... I've still got more to watch!
His 7th Prom
A Basketball Date with Sarah


  1. I've been watching these! They are great!

  2. I discovered these myself yesterday. I love the music video of him growing up with his brother. It is so sweet. I can't wait to watch them all!

  3. Thanks for the blog love BK! Dan is out to dinner but will be thrilled to hear all your kind and encouraging words. Stay tuned for more! Love your blog.

    Will Drinker

  4. Hey, guess what?- Dan does live near me! Though, I don't know him. How cool is that! Thank you so much for pointing out his blog, I love it! I can't wait to read more!

  5. Yes i have been addicted to Dan and Wills videos for a few weeks aren't they awsome!!

  6. Michelle--Addicting, a little, right?!?

    Sevenfries--I've yet to find one I don't like.

    Will--Hi!! Thanks so much for coming by!! I feel like a celebrity has graced my humble blog. :o)

    Val--No fair, he lives close to you!?! I'm coming for a visit!

    Kari--I'm tellin' ya... it IS addicting. It's probably good I don't live near him, or I'd be wanting to just hang out with him all the time!

  7. Am absolutely in love with Dan :-) He's fantastic!!

  8. Mrs. Wibbs--He's pretty darn great, right?!?


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