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Schedule insanity

I know I’m busy.  I know it’s been a little out of hand lately.  I’m cutting back, and I’ve been cancelling things.  I’m letting others do things I’d rather do myself, but it’s just not feasible. But today I realized that this evening is my only non-booked evening until November 17.  Not one for the next 3 weeks.  And every day in that span also has AT LEAST one event during the day… not counting the normal drop off and pick up from school.  Many evenings are doubly booked, M  will have the girls one place while I host a meeting in another, for example, or back-to-back events, like one for dinner and one following that one. That’s crazy. And that’s AFTER I’ve thinned out a lot.  And tonight… what will I do?  Well, I desperately need to hit the grocery shopping circuit. But that may just have to wait.  My house has NEVER been as chaotic as it is right now. Piles everywhere, storage that needs to be stored, tons of things that need to be addressed.  But since I’m running from one

But will they bid?

The girls go to a private Christian school (PreK-12), and the school is having their annual dinner/auction this Saturday.  It’s their one big fundraiser, so we’re supporting the event and we’re attending.  (I’m just thrilled there’s no candy, wrapping paper, or popcorn selling required.  HATE doing that stuff!)  They asked people to donate stuff and I assumed they meant high-dollar stuff, as I’ve heard of some major donations.  Then someone mentioned to me that I should do some bows or something for the auction.  I thought that was a little nuts, because I just do it for fun, for gifts sometimes, and mostly just for my girls.  I really enjoy it, but it’s not so much a money-making situation at all. But after talking with the coordinator, I agreed to do up a little bundle of bows with a holder.  She said they want things of all values, so it doesn’t come off as only for people who can spend lots of bucks and not for just the average family at the school. After changing my mind alo

Merlion nostalgia

I’m watching House Hunters International on DVR while I veg a little and fold laundry.  This episode is filmed in Singapore. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I am a big fan of Singapore.  I did an internship there after college (17 years ago!! What??) and have always wanted to go back.  It was *such* an amazing place.  The most beautiful, CLEANEST, and hottest place I’ve ever been.  I met some of the most wonderful people there. I had the worst sunburn there, also. The equator can do that. But Sentosa was worth it. One of the shots of the couple doing the house shopping is of them trying the “chicken rice.”  It’s not chicken AND rice, just chicken rice . The caption people got it wrong. (Kinlee insists—and has for a couple years—that she *always* be able to read along with every show. Non-negotiable. But since she’s a 4th-grade-level-reading 3-year-old, I won’t argue with her methods, no sir.)  Yum… chicken rice was my favorite go-to meal.  When I wasn’t enjoying straight

Cheer-ed out, but so proud

It’s been a very long two days with two big cheer events.  But the girls rocked it.  And I was very proud. Was it all perfect? Nope.  Were there a lot of adorable moments? Absolutely. If you missed it, you can go here for videos from yesterday.   (More from the last couple days in a few posts on B’s blog .  It’s fun to see your kids 8 feet in the air standing on one guy’s hand! )And I’ll add a little one from Kinlee’s routine today.  (I didn’t get to tape Braska’s today, which is sad because she did so much better today... but there will be more opportunities soon.)   That they went out there and did these in front of big crowds of unknown people is big. I can’t wait to see how they continue to progress.  AEC has really earned even more respect from me this weekend.  These coaches have gone above and beyond over and over.  They really have a heart for these kids, and that’s worth the world.

One competition down, several to come soon

We made it.  They made it really, we just watched it unfold. And waited a lot.  I am glad the other parents said that the waiting that this event had is not the norm.  It was a charity event put on by a sorority at UMSL, so we’ll cut them some slack on the little things.  Here are the teams after a very long morning.  They had a LOT to be proud of! There’s more to say and show.  Soon.  Tomorrow we have another exhibition for our local DS group and other related agencies.  It should be lots of fun.

The night before. Give me an A for anxious!

Tomorrow is the girls’ first cheer competition.  In truth, I’m learning that it’s competition for Kinlee’s and exhibition for Braska’s squad.  But it’s performance. In front of a lot of people.  And I fear they won’t even get to the floor. I mean, they LOVE cheer. They really like the practices, the attention from coaches and the teen buddies.  But it’s different when there are lots of strangers looking at them. And yelling. And the music is way louder. I wonder how it will go. I’m not nervous now. I’m trying to think of everything to prepare for.  But I know myself well enough to know that tomorrow, at about 11:05am and 11:25am, I will be one nervous nellie.  Watching them go, or not go, out onto the floor.  Then watching how the routines play out.  I’ll cry, I’m sure.  And I’m not an easy-crying type…  but I know I’ll be proud, and overwhelmed that they’re actually out there, and laughing at how silly the little 3-year-old squad will be.  And I’ll be proud of Braska. That she i