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Day 5 is in the books

Today this little star was the only member of the family to leave the house. She went shopping with Auntie Rach...a favorite adventure of Kinlee's. And it helped Mommy get a little break.

Braska had a very rough day. The med for pain, Tylenol #2, just doesn't seem to work as well as a strong pain med should, in my opinion. She has been writhing and whining much of the day. Even when she is in the middle of her med cycle, she still had 99.6 temp and was miserable. She vomited several times today and looked horrible, especially around her eyes. All pinkish and saggy. Poor little bug.

she slept on and off when she would relax on a lap but it wasn't restful. She seems to be sleeping ok now so we will see how the night goes. I think we will be going to the dr tomorrow just to be safe. She takes such fast turns for the worse... I don't take chances. Better to check in.

I'm headed to bed in the hopes we will have a quiet night. Thanks for the continued prayers.

(phone post)


  1. Poor lil' sweetie...I'll include her in my prayers tonight!

  2. We will keep praying for her, hoping tomorrow is a better day!

  3. No good. Hope she is much better today.


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