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Tomorrow=Heart day + ear day.

Tomorrow is Braska’s 6th heart day.  She’s been all fixed up, cardiologically, for 6 years now.  Hard to imagine. To celebrate, we’re going to take her back to the hospital and put her under general anesthesia just for fun.  Not. But she is going under.  She’s having new T-tubes put in tomorrow morning. We report to Children’s at 5:45am.  I get up at 5am each weekday morning, but to get up and ready, get her up, and drive the 30 mins to the hospital, all by 5:45… that makes the morning a little earlier.  Here’s hoping I sleep well in the next 6.5 hours. Have a great Thursday!

Simulpost: What? A post? Don’t pass out…

I know I’ve been MIA. I know that my readership is basically nil. But I know there are a few of you who may still happen by. So in this moment, as I sit at McD’s after a very healthy and balanced lunch, I’ll pause to post instead of logging in to work for a few minutes.  Don’t you feel special?  Wait. Maybe you want to wait til after you see what overly-awesome and super-interesting things I have to share first.  Then you can be the judge of it all. Why am I at McD’s? Good question. It’s not a place you find me often at all. But it’s close to both of the schools where my girls are this afternoon, and I didn’t have a long period to go do something involved, so lunch and some quick internet time was about what fit. Both schools? And in the afternoon? Don’t they go to the same school and isn’t it half-day for mornings?  Well, let me back up a bit.  We’ll see if I can get it explained in the few minutes I have left.  Oops… Happy Valentines Day.  Didn’t want to miss that. I am tha