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Kinlee’s Pumpkin Plant

Toward the end of school last year, Kinlee came home from school with a tiny egg carton cup with a sprout in it. It was a pumpkin plant just starting. Since I kill just about every plant of which I have had custody, we took it directly to Grandma C’s house.  They planted it in the back yard. In about 4-6 weeks, it was a full-blown plant, and it had the first flower. In July, the plant continued to grow. It was pretty amazing to see it get bigger so quickly.  Several flowers came and went, but finally we saw the first little pumpkin. The plant was bigger than Kinlee in no time. The pumpkin kept growing. And by early August, though still green, it was getting to look like a “real pumpkin.”  As every good gardener should, Kinlee watered her plant when playing at Grandma C’s.  It’s turning orange, and that pleased her.  But do you see the size of that thing.  ALL of that green that’s below Kinlee’s shoulder height is that one little sprout of a pla

Procrastinating about bifocals

I noticed recently that I was holding my phone farther away from me in order to see things clearly…. especially when I was looking at documents or spreadsheets on that little screen.  (yes, spreadsheets.) So today I went to have my eyes checked. I thought it had been a little over a year since my last visit. No. It was 4 years ago. And I’m turning 40 two months from tomorrow.  It’s about time, yes indeed. So wouldn’t you know, I only need a little help with my vision, which is good. But when they recommended bifocals it just seemed weird.   Very weird. After chatting with the vision center manager, who is also a DS mom friend, I decided to try the “readers” route first, to see how that went, since I only need them when working very closely. Not even for the computer…  Why not go for the red, right?  The optometrist assures me I’ll lose a couple pairs of readers then I’ll get over the bifocal fear and deal with that as my reality.  We shall see how it goes.