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Time for Sparkly Christmas Smiles

We’re here. We’re swamped. (Well, I am, anyway)  But we’re ok.  By the end of February I think things should slow….. No, new office opening March 1.  Ok, by the end of March, then…  No, wait, boss is having a baby in April. Major shift.  Maybe by Memorial Day then?? It might be the three part-time jobs (the newest of which gave me over 32 hours last week, but should calm down in about 2-3 weeks), the volunteering at school, the two little girls who want lots of go-ing, the house that seems to magically multiply clutter, the church involvement, or the DS group coordinating. Who knows what the main culprit to the chaos is right now, but most are suffering, some more than others…    In the midst of it all, I love Christmas. And yet it also brings some of the most difficult realities to the forefront for me.  It’s not about money. Just about people.  Christmas is just not quite as I had hoped it would be at this stage in the game.  Every year I hope. And I’ll keep hoping.  I’ll leave

My "Welcome Christmas" show

Over 20 years ago,  we began doing Christmas shows together. I now have to d o it every year. It is the real beginning of the season for me each year.  Can NOT miss it. The show is different each year, depending on who happens to be on town. Me and Mel are in our seats and ready. I got the tickets as a Christmas gift. It was for the 12 Gifts of Christmas Tour. That tour was cancelled yesterday afternoon. Day before the show. Out of nowhere. By the promoter. Just like that. But in a matter of a couple short hours, three of the artists, who happen to be my fave three, had been contacted by our radio station here that was hosting the event. And they were gracious and equally disappointed. The artists and JoyFM. Disappointed and stunned. So tonight was born. Steven Curtis Chapman, his wife and author Mary Beth Chapman, and singer songwriter Laura Story are here. Just of themselves and those they could get on a plane in 24 hours. Our tickets are being honored for entry, and thousands m