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What? No autograph?

M called a bit ago to tell me he had a little celebrity sighting/chat at work. He now works for a city government that has lots of influential and well-to-do St. Louisans living in or near there. It’s a financial center in St. Louis County and is not short on money at all. It’s like a little mini-downtown, luxury condo high rises and office towers in the middle of nothing else higher than a 2-story houses for miles. But celebrities? I didn’t much think about the possibility.

He was at a place doing whatever computer guys do and was approached by a guy and his family who needed assistance. Unfortunately, all M could do was send them off to someone who worked there (this is one of many city buildings he services), but he was pretty bummed he couldn’t have helped him. Because it was Joe Buck!

(If you need me to tell you which one is Joe, I sure hope you don’t fool yourself into believing you’re a football fan! That’s Troy Aikman, SuperBowl Champ Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, on the left, and Joe on the right. The announcing team that I PRAY is doing the game I’m watching every Sunday during football season.)

St. Louis born and bred, now the face of Fox football—including the SuperBowl, Cardinals baseball, and commercials and such galore. The Buck family is kind of like St. Louis royalty, and Joe’s been the first to “go national,” which is fun to see. Jack, Joe’s dad, was the voice of baseball Cardinals forEVER, and he’s one of the most beloved St. Louis sports figures.

Pretty cool, I think. How weird to just look up and be face to face (well, face to chest or neck, maybe… :o) tee hee) with someone you see on national TV so much.


  1. Hey Randa,
    Thought you might find it interesting to know that my Dad and Jack Buck were very good friends. They were roommates in the Army - Jack actually came to Wayne City and spoke at one of LaMar's (my brother) athletic awards dinners, which was quite exciting for Wayne City. He also had Dad and Mom visit him in Stl several times. He was such a gracious man - always good to my Dad. You do a great job on your blog, I always enjoy reading and your little girls are precious, you're a great Mom! Love,

  2. I love the Buck announcers - still miss hearing Jack on the Cardinal broadcasts. Joe Buck and Bob Costas are my favorite commentators!

  3. Cool! My Dad is a retired banker. Mom, my brother, and I all went with him one time to hear Jack Buck speak at a banking convention. In the Q & A section, my Dad asked Mr. Buck a question. I don't remember the question, but I do remember part of Jack's reply. He said to my Dad, "You have a great voice. You should be in radio." Imagine the delight of all of us to hear the great Jack Buck say that to someone you know.

  4. Great to hear the story and enjoyed Cherita's comment. I knew about Billy's friendship with Jack Buck, in fact, when I was able to speak at Billy's honor banquet, I was thrilled to know I'd be heard by Jack Buck, the MAIN speaker. But Jack was sick and couldn't come. I was very disappointed, but still glad to read my poem for Billy. Also, I heard Jack speak at a deal at the Dome once; during the Q & A I asked him what it was like to get to work with Joe (he had just started helping with Cards games). I remember Jack saying it was very special... I mentioned Billy in that question, too, and Jack bragged on him. When they were in the Army together in WW 2, Jack looked up to Billy and his show business acumen.


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