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A few more tidbits, or maybe several more

*I love iced tea. But I like it really weak. Light, I call it. I don’t like a strong or bitter tea. Maybe it’s more like a lightly tea-flavored water, with a splash of lemon and Splenda. When I get tea in a restaurant, that initial glass will make me several glasses because I’m constantly just adding water (which I also order for my little habit) to make it right.

*Most of the time if I'm in a restaurant, I get water. But if I get lemon wedge or two with it, I can squeeze it into the water, add a little sprinkle of sweetener and I'm good to go with a nice (again...light) lemonade. Yum!

*Speaking of drinks/tea, my favorite summer drink is a lightly sweetened decaf mint tea. In 6 cups of water, I toss 2 regular decaf tea bags and 2 decaf mint tea bags (sometimes mint green tea, sometimes just peppermint tea). I microwave it 8 minutes (thank you Betty and Jessica…from years ago!) add Splenda while it’s hot, then pour it in the pitcher over lots of ice and fill with cold water. Makes a gallon easily, sometimes an extra quart, too. So light and perfectly refreshing on a summer day.

*I sometimes get tired of our super-frugal living situation, but I’m SO glad we’re on a smart path. It’s worth it.

* High-maintenance people exhaust me. If I have to actively work to just be around a person and neither party seems to gain any enjoyment or benefit, I probably won’t continue to put forth the effort.

*On the flip side, I really love people who are comfortable just being. I appreciate those people who float in and out of my life each day with ease, not that it’s always perfect or anything, but there isn’t a lot of stress over simply getting through a conversation.

*Continuing the theme of ease and people…we like drop-ins. We are drop-in people, but we don't drop in anymore because it seems unwelcome in general. It makes me sad that more people aren’t drop-in people. We used to know a lot of drop-in people, but they all grew up.

*I so enjoy the very quiet times when I’m the only one awake at night and all I can hear is the soft whir of the ceiling fan and an occasional little sleepy noise from the bedrooms. I sure wish I didn’t require so much sleep. I’d enjoy more of this.

*I require a lot of sleep. At least if I am going to be at my best. If I get less than 8 hours a night for more than 2 nights in a row, things might get dicey.

On that note… good night. Sweet dreams.


  1. When I was in Montana I weeded mom's strawberry patch (among other things) and after getting out three or four particularly stubborn huge weeds my hands smelled like mint.

    Yes indeed I plucked her on purpose mint that she was growing for tea. Sigh.

  2. Great tidbits! :) I am doing MY favorite things.... sitting quietly on my couch, solo at home, HGTV in the background, laptop on lap and box of red hot candies nearby :)


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