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In review: Always on a holiday

1. Does this happen to anyone else?  Every time there’s a nice long holiday weekend to enjoy and relax, I get sick. Or at the very least feel very icky.  Sure enough, after acting completely bizarre and disturbing, at times, for the last couple of weeks (more on that in another post…maybe), Braska has a 101.6 fever tonight. And I’ve been feeling horrible today, worse tonight, knowing that it’s only going to get worse.  I can feel it.  It follows the same pattern.  She’s only been to school 6 days, and here we go again.  I seriously think I’ll lose my mind.

2. Kinlee’s really twitching me out with her talking.  After we got in the van on Wednesday morning, she looked and pointed at the seat next to her and said, “Braska’s seat.”  Possessive, identifier, two words. Clear as day. (Well, to be fair, it was more like “Brakka’s” seat. The SK sound is hard.) I don’t know much about normies, but that seems pretty good to me for less than 17 months.  She’s then been bringing me everything in the house, “Mama’s shoe,” “Dad’s shirt,” “Belle-Belle’s food.” She can also ask for Baby Signing Time quite clearly and is up to somewhere around 20 signs for doing them and about 50 for signs she can read and announce if we do them.   Lately she’s been asking for alot of “Rosies! Ashes!” as in Ring Around the Rosie…and she loves to play with Braska, but Braska just likes to hold hands and then fall down.  Frustrating to KiKi.

3. For those who asked about the haircut “after” pic, when actually in use, here you go, snapped last week on my way out for the evening… I definitely don’t look like this tonight.  Think blah, pale, scary-looking.







And this picture made me laugh a little because it is proof that my new smaller size allowed me to be inducted into the Polo t-shirt club.  I was gifted this shirt with congratulations.  (If you’ve met a couple of my more sophisticated family members, you’ll know that you rarely see them that this “horse,” as Kinlee calls it, is not present. 

4. I love July 4th, like any good American, but I can’t STAND that it’s acceptable (not sure if it’s LEGAL) for my neighbors to be setting off fireworks every night for the week before and the week after, give or take a few stragglers who throw in an extra week.  Right now I can hear 3 different groups setting them off.  I have kids trying to sleep, people!  And I feel less than great tonight and am heading to bed in about 5 minutes. Not that I’ll be able to sleep.  Even with my fan on high, I’ll still hear them.  And they’ll make me crazy.  Every year, I think I should find someplace where they are illegal completely except in organized city shows and go there for the holiday weekend.  Just to sleep peacefully.  I know—it makes me an Independence Day Scrooge, but seriously…they go til midnight sometimes!  Have some neighborly respect, please!

5. To end on a happy note, my husband washed our cars today.  A big surprise, but very cool. Thanks, babe!

Good night. Here’s wishing you all peaceful explosion-free sleep.


  1. Dang! Rainer's 21 months and while he has gobs of signs and a fair amount of words he is not really using phrases yet. And his words are mostly half-words and approximations. You have the talkingest kids I know. To be fair, G barely talks, so R doesn't have a big sis role-model like Braska to Kinlee, and Rainer's got many signs, but sheesh, RK, leave some words for other people's kids! ;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I am sooooo with you on the fireworks thing. Drive me BATTY! Ugh. I hate Independence Day. :)

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. You look great RK! You go girl! Very impressed. Hope you are feeling better real soon. Braska too.

  4. You look Fabulous RK!!! Great Work! Enjoy the clean car too. You gotta love these men of ours!!!

  5. BOOOO on the germies! So sorry. Hope you and B are feeling much better today.


    keep up the awesome work!

  7. You look so great!! And I'm with you on the fireworks. We passed our neighbors house tonight with his garage open and saw that it was full...I mean FULL of fireworks. Good thing we were in CU all night!

  8. Sorry you and B aren't feeling so great. Call me if you need anything.

    And here's something interesting for you to ponder....the fireworks are only legal on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, until 11pm. Hmmm

  9. You look amazing. Wowza hot mama! I'm back to counting WW points again as this move has not been kind to my butt. Day 5 and I'm dreaming of cupcakes. You are an inspiriation and have given me motivation to be a good girl, at least today.


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