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Selling without trying is fun!

I just got notification that I sold something on CafePress.

I had completely forgotten that I set up a “shop,” per se, a few years ago.

But someone chose my design out of many options, and I find that so fun! 

Partially because I forgot it was on there, but mostly because I actually created the design myself. It’s not a stock image or something.  It was one of the first attempts at image work that I’d ever tried…  and still one of my faves, I must say.

So there ya go.  Good times. Thank you R.L. in Ohio for choosing a tshirt with my DS awareness design!

In case anyone else wants one….  it’s out there! Smile

Women's T-Shirt

This is also kind of funny to me, because now I make shirts like crazy. Another thing I need to update any of you who still come around here about…  I made one for me for Kinlee’s school, and it caught on like wildfire.  I’ve sold 20+ since August, I’ve got over 12 shirts on my hobby table that are waiting to be done, with several more orders pending. And they’re all hand done, lots of bling!  Who knew?!?  (I’m drooling over a new super-gadget that would make it easier, but M hasn’t ok’d the $6000 expenditure at this stage. Men….)

Not to mention the cheer squads I’m doing bows for, the salon who is selling my “everyday bows” for little girls, and the gymnastics teams who want bows AND bling shirts for their Olympic trials travel wear.  Oh and then there’s the photography that I just began doing for fun and practice and for which I now have lots of requests for bookings… 

Nope, I’m not at all busy.


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