Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still fighting fever

Quick update for those who have been emailing/texting about KiKi…

I called the Dr. today to check in and let them know her temps and such, expecting for them to tell me to call back in a few days if it wasn’t better or something.  But they wanted to see her an hour later.  So in we went.

By the way… if ever you come here and there’s not an update in these situations, feel free to check my Twitter feed over in the right margin, or follow me on Twitter.  Sometimes that’s just way easier to shoot out a quick info bit.  Just sayin’.

Dr. A saw her and agreed she looked pretty pathetic.  Her temp was 101 when she got up this morning and she seemed to feel ok, but then through the morning the temp went up and her demeanor went down.  She said a few times that her ear hurt, and then said she had “a leg ache” in both legs a couple times as well. 

I have learned that I never go to our pediatrician’s office without our thermometer with me. (I’d take a digital scale too if I had one or could carry it… really.) So I showed on the memory read-out on the thermometer what she had registered out in the waiting room. 102.8.  But when she used the one in the room, the stick kind that’s meant for oral but they use axillary, it read 98.5.  Nice.  Hence my taking my own to make sure we get a proper reading.  I showed the MA what it read on ours just then, 103.1 at that point, and she made a note of that.  When Dr. A came in, she went back to find their temporal thermometer, and once they found it, it read 103.4.  So I was glad, as I have been several times, that I come with my own.  I first took it to verify that I was on with their “official” thermometer, so I knew I’d have correct info at home. But it just served to show how inadequate their in-room unit was.  That’s ok too.

There’s your little tip for the day… if in doubt, bring your own along.

Anyway, after a strep test and urine test, all is clear except for dehydration indicators.  KiKi is not a big fluids girl on a good day, and today I’m thinking she may have had about 6 oz all day.  And that was with heavy pushing and pleading.  Not enough.  She hardly ate a thing, too.  We need that to improve quickly.

Tonight she’s in bed, after asking oh-so-politely to be put to bed.  She was at about 102.1 when she went to bed on a fresh dose of acetaminophen.  I’ll check on her in the night again. 

I’ve been feeling like I am trying to fend off a cold for a couple days, and my energy is sapped.  All things considered, we’re a mess over here.  But we’re surviving and praying that it’s all done soon.

Braska is scheduled for eye surgery and dental work under anesthesia on 10/19…so we MUST keep her well.  Prayers appreciated.


  1. praying for ya guys - I also have one that refuses fluids when feverish - to the point of IVs one late night - not fun. Will be praying she rebounds quickly!! (And you take multi-vitamin, zinc and acidopholis... I've been using them to fight off colds and they're working for me, hopefully they'll work for you too!)

  2. We always pray for the kiddos. Hoping she feels better soon.


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