Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21: It’s that time again. Shutterfly time!

Last year Shutterfly sent out a great offer to many bloggers that brought the reward of free Christmas cards.  It made doing Christmas cards so easy and enjoyable, really.  I had gotten out of the habit of doing real cards at Christmas, but I really liked giving and receiving the cards last year.  Here was what we had for our cards last year…


(Funny to me how the girls can look exactly the same, just with KiKi having longer hair…)

So far these are some of my favorites for this year…
From the Christmas card collection.

From the Holiday Card collection.

And the photo books… they are ALWAYS fun to do!

This year, we got a similar offer (YAY!) and in addition to cards for me, they also allow me to give cards to YOU!  Three of you can win codes worth 25 free cards!!! That is worth commenting for, right??

So leave a comment on this post with your FAVORITE part of the holiday season. Is it parties? family traditions? presents? shopping? food??

And I’ll choose 3 winners to receive 25 free cards each on Friday night, 11/5/11.

To get you started, I’ll say that one of my favorite things is the first Christmas event I get to attend. It’s most often a musical event of some kind. I just LOVE Christmas concerts, plays, etc.  I always like to have one in early December to get things kicked off just right…  so far I don’t have one on the calendar, so I’ll be looking for a great one!

Also, more soon on this, but start thinking about the Happy Bloggy Holiday Card Exchange!  I’m hoping we expand to quite a few more than last year!


  1. I would love to win cards! I haven't done cards either since before my daughter K was born, so that would be fun! My favorite part is definitely the music! Love listening to all that Christmas music- bring it on! That and the decorations!


  2. While I was in the hospital and nursing homes to visit this afternoon, some of the fam enjoyed a Christmas movie. Yep, Oct. 30.

  3. I love Christmas! I grew up in Kansas City and every year on Thanksgiving night they have a big party down on the Plaza and have a lighting ceremony. We count down and then all the lights on all the buildings come on all at once. It's really cool. Last year was the first Christmas for my baby girl so my husband recreated that for us. We stood outside and counted down to his lighting of our house. It's our new family tradition!

  4. There are many things I love about the holiday season. The Christmas trees, songs, movies and family gatherings.. but I also like being born three days after Jesus:)


  5. I personally love the shopping. Black Friday is a holiday in my book! LOL
    Angie Bischoff


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