Monday, October 3, 2011

31 for 21: Mini Audition

The girls both know the entire fight song for the Chicago Bears. Every word, though they might not know what they all mean.  (T-formation??) We sing it often, and the request it in the car many days on the way to school. Give us time, they’ll be pros and experts on all things football before ya know it.

Rach caught this today, after the girls had performed the entire song with me spontaneously but we hadn’t captured it on video.  I still hope to get them to do the whole thing… it’s darn adorable.  Anyone out there from the Bears organization?? Comp us some great suite tix and we’ll bring this action to you live!

Until then, here’s a snippet. 

If you want to see still pics of the day, Braska’s got you covered over there.


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