Monday, October 10, 2011

31 for 21: Braska’s 2011-2012 IEP, Part 3

Part 1 and 2 if you’d like to get the full story…


Ok, we’re working through the Present Level, ready.

~Nebraska has improved with looking when her name is called and responding to requests, when wait time [is] provided and cues [are] given for support.
~She is doing better coming in from the playground with her friends this year. Several of her peers act as buddies to hold her hand and assist in the transition.  She really likes to have her friends near and is building friendships. She can name most of her friends.
~Braska’s attention has improved in the classroom. She is able to sit on the floor with the whole class and attend and participate with a few cues given during a 10-minute lesson.  Sometimes body will needs to be repositioned due to her focus being on her friends instead of the teacher reading the book or presenting the lesson.

~Braska is having success answering yes/no questions with a verbal response.  She has more success answering questions correctly during natural, play settings. During structured tasks, Braska often pretends being “silly” and gives incorrect responses.
~Braska has made great progress identifying functions of objects from a field of four (ex: Find the one you use to eat? to draw?), demonstrating increased receptive (understanding) language skills.  She is able to answer some object function questions expressively by labeling what to do with certain items.
~Braska uses the present progressive verb form (verb+ing) to answer many what doing questions (ex: running, jumping).  She answers these questions with minimal cueing in the classroom.
~She uses language most often when commenting on classroom activities/happenings or refusing (ex: No thanks.)
~Braska is beginning to independently sort pictures of boys/girls. She has more success when shown faces (versus) full body photos of boys and girls.

There are so many parts of this that I could comment on so far…  that’ll be for next time.  Questions about anything in the PL?


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