Monday, October 24, 2011

31 for 21: Delegating

Since I’m not in the right frame of mind for writing the things I just SWORE I would get covered this month, I’m going to refer you to a couple other things to check out.

~Keep on Spinning had a very interesting post recently… Prenatal Test for Depression.  I thought it was an intriguing perspective.  Glass half full kind of thing.  What are your thoughts? (Respectful, please, of course.)

~Kellsey is having surgery Tuesday morning to join the g-tube club. Please pray for a successful and smooth procedure. Even though we’re on the way out (finally!!!), we are definitely big fans of the little device I first put off for months after it was first recommended.  It made me go back and look at the beginning of our journey with Braska’s “second belly button.”  And man was she cute back then!   There was the first procedure, some follow up, the report by B 1 and 2, and then the conversion to the button from the tube.

The first picture of the new appendage… 09/10/2007

She is 4 years older and 12 lbs heavier now.  Growing slowly but surely!


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