Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21: Comments on sleeping locations


The precious Little Miss D’s mom recently made reference to the fact that her little one hadn’t ever slept in a crib.  I asked her about it because, well, I’m just nosy that way.

Today she replied and explained a bit more…  and it brought up something I’ve been meaning to discuss anyway.  What were the sleeping locations for your kids when they were babies? Same room, different bed? Same bed? Different room altogether? (That one’s my fave!!) Or just wherever the heck they wanted to sleep?

So my comment is below… share your experience.  The same for all your kids? Or did your kiddo with DS do anything different in the sleep realm?

I find this stuff really interesting.

Thanks for explaining!! :o)

I can't stand to have the girls in the same room, let alone in my bed.  I'd never get a wink of sleep... every breath, every little sound wakes me.  And that doesn't make for a pleasant mommy the next day!

So Braska was in our room for a few weeks pre-surgery in a special bassinet, but once that heart was ok, she got the boot to her room! :o) Kinlee was in her crib in her own room from night one, unless Grammy was here, then she was in her bassinet next to her. 

Even now, they're in the room next to mine, maybe 10 feet through a wall from my bed to theirs, and I still often can't sleep because of the noises.  WITH a sound machine on to dampen the sounds.  Frustrating!


  1. I am with you on sleeping arangements. With my oldest after a week Andy gave her the boot, because I was up all night long and would start taking her out for the slightest move. I was exhausted and not thinking staright. So of to her room at one week old. Nichole had to be in our room for health issues and choking. She slept in her carseat so she was almost in a sitting position with some machine blowing oxygen??? I can't remmeber anymore! But once she was healthy she was in her room. Today, I still have the same problem you do.
    Now as to where. Nichole is still in a crib at age 4. We tried to move her to a bed but, she will have non of it. She cried for her crib, so it is back.

  2. We had the twins in Alaska for the first 4 months in a lofted 750 sq. ft. 1 bedroom apt. We all slept in the same room - the girls in their own crib. Although many days I would catch David napping in bed snuggling with his girls right next to him in bed. When we moved into our house and I finally got to decorate a nursery it took me so long to be able to sleep with them in another room.


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