Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21: Full day. To the brim.

Braska went to school. KiKi went to her “school.” (Parents’ Day Out at a nearby church. She LOVES it.) I got a lot done at home.  That feels nice.

Meltdowns during backyard play. No naps during naptime.  Sometimes they just don’t listen.  That doesn’t feel nice.

Dinner all at the table together.  Talking about the day. KiKi sharing all about how school went, who she played with, what snack was, what her craft was, when she can go back again.  That feels nice.

Visit with friends tonight, one couple who was watching the girls while we visited another couple with a new little man with DS. Adorable.  That feels SO nice.

Home and battling sleepy girls, dramatic 2-year-old, flailing, yelling, and flopping. That doesn’t feel nice.

It was a full day, but not bad.  Now it’s bedtime. Sleep will be here in minutes.  That will feel the nicest.


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