Friday, October 21, 2011

31 for 21: If you need MORE blogs to visit…

Crazy Beautiful Love is hosting the Hoppin’ for 21 Blog Hop today.


So in my “free time” I’m gonna see if there are a few new cute kiddos to check out. (It’s so nice to see some of our good friends in the list already… Hi Vince! Hi Kayla!!)

Do I get double points for awareness today?  31 for 21 AND Blog Hop?

Oh!  And there IS a prize involved.  If you link up your blog to the Blog Hop, there’s goodies to be awarded! So go check it out!

If you’re hopping over from the Blog Hop, Howdy! Glad you came by!  I’m RK, mom to Braska (almost 5) and Kinlee (2 1/2), wife to M.  We’re in the St. Louis Metro area.  I’m into putting my kids in cute girlie clothes, bows, doing digiscrapping when I get a minute or two, Bears football, and currently a little Cardinals baseball.  I’d love to have you as a blog buddy, so leave me a comment and click on the “members” button on the right, and I’ll be sure to come check out your blog, too!


  1. I usually read you on my google reader, so not sure I ever left a comment here. Shame on me.
    Love your presentation though (about section).


  2. I totally thought I was already following you, but I don't see myself on your sidebar. I will be now! :-) Happy blog hop!

  3. Of course you get double points! Okay so I already stopped by Braska's blog and saw her cutalisiousness (is that a word?) but I wanted to check you out here I seriously need a better looking blog!

  4. I thought I already followed your blog... but apparently not.. now thanks to the blog hop, I AM :)

  5. and seeing you over here too! :)

  6. Yay!!! So glad to find your blog thanks to the Blog Hop!!!! You have a beautiful family!!!!!

  7. I´m hopping! Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and taking the time to translate it!


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