Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 for 21: KiKi the reader

Kinlee is so interested in learning, just like her sister.  (Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and many sight words…these were all favorites and she had them down before she was 2.)  The difference is that it comes SO much easier to Kinlee than Braska.  Because we work on these things a lot for Braska’s sake, KiKi has become as interested in the constant “teachyness” of how we do most all activities.

So here she is, at 32 months.  One of her favorite activities recently is for someone to write her a story about our family or what’s going to happen that day.  Then she reads it.  That’s it.  She loves to read.  And *finally* (ha! at 2 1/2?)) she’s able to do it largely herself at the “easy reader” level.  This is one I just jotted down while we were making our grocery list this morning, and this is not after rehearsal and repeated practice.

We’re proud. No doubt.  I hope her interest in all things learning and educational will continue…as long as her fashion sense doesn’t suffer.  tee hee


  1. Kinlee, I think you are even ahead of your Uncle Ryan!! Keep it up, Sugar Plum. :o)

  2. I could say I'm pleased and proud, but that would be a big understatement. Way to go, Kinlee, and thanks to Mom, Dad, and Braska, too!


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