Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 for 21: Win Win Win

I was falling asleep during the football game tonight. The game the Bears won! Woot!  But for ME to be falling asleep during football…sure sign that I’m beyond tired in a big way. 

So glad for the win though.

And now I’m doing my best to make it through the bottom of the 9th to see the Cards win the NLCS and sew up their World Series spot. It’ll be fun to have the World Series in town again in two days.

Bring home the win, Red Birds!

And we survived another crazy busy, run constantly, overlapping events kind of day.  I need to really stop letting these happen, but what to give up? The job that eats up my weekends that we need for ends to try and meet, the community of local DS friends who are really stepping up to have great events, or the daily chores around the house and for the family.  Tough stuff to whittle down.

But the fact that we have so many great things in our life as a family… win.

Good night. The Cards just did it. World Series, come on over to StL… see ya Wednesday, Rangers!


  1. What a surprising and neat thing that the "out of the race in Sept" Cards are in the WS! With home field advantage! Will pray God will show you where to whittle and provide surprising opportunities.

  2. very excited for a cards/rangers world series, living in texas and being from stl. GO CARDS! henry will be wearing his cards' tshirt to school. hehe


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