Monday, October 3, 2011

One hot little tot


This little tot didn’t feel well this morning.

This little tot was whiny…which isn’t necessarily uncommon.

This little tot woke from nap ok but flopped around on the couch for a while.

This little tot fought off a temperature check.  For a minute.

This little tot had 102.7 temperature.

This little tot reluctantly took in some applesauce with ibuprofen mixed in.

This little tot told her daddy, “I am going to have vomit in my mouth.” He asked if she did have some already, and she said no.  “I am going to have vomit in my mouth in a minute.” 

This little tot then chose to share that ingested applesauce with her daddy just a bit later, before sufficient containers could be arranged.

This little tot chose the right parent for that exchange.

This little tot then seemed to feel much better. Perking up a bit. She did say her ear hurt at one point.

This little tot and her 101.6 temperature just went to bed, per her request. Little heart racing and starting to shiver.  We did force Tylenol before bed. She didn’t approve.

Poor little tot.


  1. Bless her sweet little heart (and Daddy too).

  2. I love it when they share with daddy. Hope she feels better soon!


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