Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21: Brakes please…

I’m in the midst of a very busy season.  It’s a bit hard for me to keep my sanity when things are like this.  When the obligatory “how are you?” gets asked, this is what flashes in my head….

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But I always say, of course, “oh, I’m fine.”  Or if I’m feeling more honest, “I’m doing ok, thanks.”

When the truth is that I’m yearning for something like this to be my lot…

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Days like today…
*Up at 8 after nicely being allowed to sleep in a little.
*Scrambling to get two girls fed, dressed for dance, myself ready for work, and out *the door in just under one hour.
*9am leave for 30 min drive to dance class.
*930 to 10 am at dance class.
*10 am head back home to have M grab the other car and we all go to the Y.
*1045 arrival at the Y. Quick change for Braska from dance outfit to swimsuit for lesson.
*1115am get Braska dressed, assist with KiKi finishing lunch in the lobby with Daddy.
*1130 begin work, wave bye to Daddy and the girls who head home.
*5pm close up and head home at 515.
*520 arrive at home, kiss silly girls, jump in the shower.
*In the following 35 minutes—shower, dress for church, do hair and makeup, dress two girls and do hair, pack bag for Braska’s dinner since we’re going out after church.
*555 pm head out for church.
*600 arrive at church, trek up to the children’s area and drop the girls off.
*730 church is over and we head to dinner with sis and bro-in-law for my b-day mini celebration.
*930 arrive home with one girl asleep and one almost.  Change girls, tuck into bed.
*1000 pm turn off lights, grab computer, and park in bed for last minute blogging.

Maybe some people can handle this kind of schedule all the time and never flinch. I’m not one of them…  but I’m thankful I now can go to sleep in my super comfy bed and rest up for another BIG day tomorrow.

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  1. Life sure is busy. Glad your busy activities are serving your family and the Lord. HE will give you strength for each day.


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