Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SUPER deals! Who doesn't love FREE?

I was turned on to the Hip2Save blog by my friend Sara. (Thank you, Sara!!)I've had all kinds of goodies sent, samples, free photo books for great grandma, and some great savings on other items. This is one I would highly recommend you add to your reader so you don't miss things.

But today they've had TWO that are just too awesome...
Check out this post about a free 8.5 x 11 photo book--hardcover!--for only the cost of shipping. That's a $39.95 value for free! I'm working on mine now, doing Kinlee's first year. But it is ONLY good today, 8/31. So go now if you want to catch it.

And check out this post for 100 free business cards. Even free shipping! Details on the post of how to do it, but it's super simple and I just ordered new blog cards. I did up a little card that has my blog address, Braska's, and our local DS groups info as well. There's a little pic of Braska (image below) and one of KiKi as well. Images and text on both sides. My order is complete and on its way. All for free! Can't beat it! This one is good through tomorrow 9/1.

Let me know what you get!!


  1. I love FREE! I read "Common Sense With Money". I love when all my free stuff shows up in the mail. I just wish I could get better about couponing!!

  2. I ordered some blog cards! I've wanted to do this, but not have to pay for it. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Wish I had time to spend on the book but will have to pass in that one this time.

  3. Business card link didn't work, but I got a free coupon coming for COUNTRY BOB'S!!! Cool! Thanks.

  4. supercute Braska shot! love it!


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