Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pleading for improvement

I can’t describe for you how horrible it is to watch Braska be so miserable and not be able to do anything about it.  She is miserable.  I can’t come up with another word that fits.  She’s not sleeping more than an hour at a time. She can’t hardly sit still for fidgeting and whining and sometimes falling into screaming and writhing.  It’s impossible to summarize how much I want her to get better.
downsize (23)

She hasn’t been vomiting today, and for that I’m thankful.  She’s been off codeine for over 36 hours and still seems to be having GI issues.  The loudest gurgling and horrible noises that I’ve ever heard.  No wonder she wriggles around…

We tried melatonin, and it didn’t help her sleep.  I bought some dye-free Benadryl to attempt to help her tonight.  Something has to give.  I’m going to crack if we don’t see a break soon. I need sleep.  Tomorrow is a week post-op.  Please, please let this be the turning point.

This will pass.  That’s how it works. But right now it’s just about terrible to have to watch.


  1. Oh, RK, it makes me so sad to see her like that. I can't imagine how you feel. Praying she starts feeling a lot better very soon.

  2. So sorry. Extra prayers tonight that things will start to improve quickly.

  3. Praying for Braska to get better soon! Lots of hugs and kisses from us!

  4. Oh I was hoping for her to be bouncing back by now. Will keep praying today's the day.

  5. Poor sweet little girl. I hate this for you and her. Let me know if I can do something.

  6. Hi RK,

    I am so sorry for your family at this time, but I can't help but make a suggestion. Can you ask a family member to come and stay for a few days? Nothing dramatic, but to be able to give you time to rest and you could still know that Braska and Kiki had loving arms while you rest. You had support when Braska had to be in the hospital, please think about drawing on that same support now. You are a wonderful mother, but I know you need relief emotionally as well as physically!


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