Friday, August 13, 2010

Like Missouri weather

Usually, if you’re around here, and people have complaint about the weather, someone will say, “Hang around a few minutes.  It’ll change.”  Or something like that. Referring to a weird variety of weather that we can have, all in the same day sometimes.  (Of course lately it’s been 100 degrees for days and days… figures.)

If you’ve been keeping up as we’ve been on this roller coaster, you know that she’s been ok for a bit, then she’ll meltdown.  She gets into a mood where she MUST be held (though she moves and fidgets constantly while held). Then she will just magically be ok and want to get down. She’ll watch a show or read a book for a short while, and I get encouraged.  She has even had moments of giggling and playing here and there.  Then she just gets the worst of sad faces, and back to the lap she must go. 

Yesterday afternoon was better, I really thought we’d crossed a bridge toward healing and returning to our version of normal.  Then last night was weird.  She slept for about 2 hours. Then was up for a while, just grinding like crazy, but not crying.  Back to bed and sleep.  Then soon she was up again. Daddy held her for a couple hours…and she was just awake.  He put her in bed about 330 am.  At 5am she was up and crying, so I changed her diaper, gave her meds, and rocked her back to sleep.  Then at 730 she was up again and fussing.  She remained clingy and whiny for a while, then I finally had to put her down long enough to get Kinlee up.  That didn’t go over well.

But at about 830, she was calmed down a little and willing to try to watch some Sesame Street.  That allowed me to get Kinlee’s breakfast and start the dishwasher.

Since then, she’s been ok, as long as she is distracted by something. Book, show, sister tackling her. Whatever.

The grinding is still there but not as intense.  It’s kind of back to it’s baseline intensity.  Not the kind that sounds like chips of teeth are coming off each pass.  I don’t know how she can stand it. 

We’re hanging at home.  Library books are overdue, and they’ll just have to be. (Yes, I’ve tried to renew online, but they can’t be.)  The floors are in desperate need of vacuuming, but they will wait. 

We ARE seeing improvement. It’s just slower than impatient-me wants to see. 

And the Bears play preseason tomorrow. So we’re focusing on that as our highlight of the weekend!  If the girls give me a break today, I’ll be prepping our BearsWear for tomorrow, down to the curly bows and matching shoes.  Good thing they both look good in orange and blue!!


  1. Now, while I love my granddaughters, who wouldn't be cute in blue and orange. So far I haven't found the game on TV but I am still hopeful.

    Hope Braska feels better soon.

  2. mayson grinds too and i just love the chewy thing that she can wear around her neck. did you see my post about it??


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