Thursday, August 12, 2010


Right now, at our house, we are willing to part with most anything EXCEPT the dye-free ibuprofen (generic, of course!).  I’m SO pleased to say that Braska has been much better—though not nearly “all better”—this afternoon after her first ibuprofen dose at 3pm.  We’re alternating it with the paracetamol, and so far, I’m very pleased with what we’ve seen.

Amazing that something so “simple” could make such a big difference.  She’s had no bleeding, so we’re not too worried about the post-op ”no-ibuprofen for two weeks” rule.  Plus the ENT nurse is the one who gave us the green light, and she’s aware of Braska specifically.

So I’m hoping for a good night, and a good morning, and FINALLY getting this house back in order if I get the chance to actually move about tomorrow.

Thank you all for being so encouraging… and patient with my frustration.  There are still some days to go before she gets back to 100%, no doubt. Hopefully, this little saga will be behind us soon. 

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