Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little sis and the big 3-ohhhhh

Today my younger sister Rachel turns 30.

Huh? Can it be that time of year again? Her birthday always indicates that mine is precisely 2 months away... and she'll be 30. *gulp* The math hurts.

She has accomplished an awful lot in her 30 years. Undergrad at 21, MBA almost immediately after. She’s had and still has positions in her career and community life that are usually not held by one so young. She kissed some frogs (big sister’s opinion!) and finally found her prince about 4 years ago. They’ve been happily married for 15 months, and they’re trying their hardest to buy a house. I'm enjoying house hunting vicariously through them. If only they could find the *right* one!

For a kid I could not stand for most of the 10 years we spent in the same household growing up, and a college student who managed to get herself booted from this older sister’s apartment for “poor choices” (again, just my opinion, but it was my apartment!), she’s turned out ok. Better than ok.

She’s become a confidant, probably my best friend, and often a benefactor. As a family, we owe a great deal to her and to Patrick. She is always happy to help with lots of free babysitting, meals out when I need a break, and plenty of shopping for the girls, and sometimes Mommy, too. Our move back to StL two years ago was really held together by her help. She is always ready to help with the girls or around the house in any way needed…even taking off work or rearranging her schedule. Convenient is never a consideration… it’s just about meeting the need. That’s something that I can’t say about very many people at all.

It’s amazing the journey we’ve traveled as sisters, and though this kind of mushy tribute isn’t usually my thing, she deserves some props.

This weekend they have been in Boston for a wedding, and for her birthday, they headed over to Martha’s Vineyard yesterday for a little stay.
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Rach, I hope you have a great birthday. The girls are ready to show you their present when you get home. Kinlee’s been sitting here by the computer while I work on this saying, “Rach, Pachich. Home?” because when she’s been asking for you guys, I told her you were on a trip. So she’s been repeating her question several times a day… “Rach, Pachich. Home?” Know that you’re missed!

Taking a cue from my 1989 high school yearbook… LYLAS… love ya like a sis. :o)


  1. Nice tribute. She's earned it...and I know she could say some things about you, too :o) I'm proud of my girls!

  2. LYLAS - love it!

    Sorry I just got to the blog a day late (service is a bit iffy on MV) but wow... I love it. For all those times I did screw up & you were there to make sure I knew (LOL) I learned from that more than you know. Sure... I didn't take your advice most times back then, but the concern & words you gave sunk in later and have had a great effect on who I am today I promise.
    Couldn't be happier that you guys ended up in STL. To even think of the girls, you & M being more than a few minutes away.. well, thats just not even an option anymore. I swear they'll have a play room set up in our future house before we've even unpacked boxes! :)
    Thanks for the fantastic bday honor on the RK blog... Can't wait to get home and let B & K give me their gift. It could just be a big "rach!!" and hugs and I'd be thrilled. Love you!

    aka: Challa

  3. You know such a tribute makes me a proud papa of you both!


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