Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quick bit o’ news

After much discussion and analyzing of behaviors, we’ve cut her off. From the meds, that is. All of them. We’re trying today with no paracetamol and no ibuprofen. I don’t believe her issues are pain at all. At least not pain due to the surgery sites.

What remains is GI distress. Lots of gas. The most horrible gurgling. It is SO loud. Really amazing to hear. But I am starting to think that it’s because her forumlas were mixed up a bit—she was back on Pediasure a while, and on a Peptamen that wasn’t her usual variety. So maybe her little system is just confused.

Today we’ve gone back to her regular formula, Peptamen Jr. 1.5, in the hopes that she’ll calm down with the GI stuff. It’s clearly uncomfortable to her. But that kind of discomfort or pain is not to be helped with the pain meds.

She slept horribly again last night, waking often, thrashing and kicking and fidgeting like crazy. It’s really frustrating not to know what’s happening with that. Someone actually asked me today if it was possible she was having some kind of drug withdrawal. I admit it sometimes plays out that way, but I can’t imagine what it would be from. She did have fentanyl while under anesthesia, but that’s been over a week ago.

I do feel a little better about the fact that she is not showing signs of throat pain at all. She was in pretty good spirits this morning (after a rough start) and then took a short nap and just now woke very unhappy again.

We’re seeing more happy times, so I’m very thankful for that. Now if we can just figure out this sleeping issue and get her little belly calmed down…


  1. Having stomach upset would really make more sense to how she is acting. When I had lots of stomach issues, which I know are different from Braska's but when I laid down for a period of time it seem to get more crampy, have more gas, and just very uncomfortable. This really is not that uncommon when dealing with stomach issues.
    Can she take Mylanta drops (I think that is what they are called now. They use to be Mylicon drops)? If so that might help her tummy some.

    I do not think it would be drug withdrawal because she was not on any powerful drugs that long.

    I really hope she starts feeling better soon. Poor little one!


  2. For her GI gas and discomfort, give her a probiotic. Some people think going natural is a little "out there", but it does work. Whenever Micah gets off with a bug or something (the lastest was pool water) we give him probiotic. I also take it if my stomach is upset. We get Micah a childrens in the form of powder from a natural food store. I use the pill form; you could just crush that up too. It does work; in as little as 15 minutes or up to a second dose. We normally see results from the first dose though. It's called Lactobacillus or Acidophilus. Hope she gets back to her norm soon!

  3. Hope this will help.

  4. When can she start on solids again? Some raw oatmeal mixed with fruit juice should help the tummy. Yogurt would be helpful, too, if you can't do the oatmeal yet.

  5. I'm sorry I've got nothing to offer but "Hang in there". We haven't experienced this before as Matthew hasn't had this kind of op. He was under anesthesia when they did the ABR but that was it. He was VERY gassy all day after the procedure but no discomfort like you've described. I do hope Braska feels better soon. What does her pediatrician say about this?

  6. Oh braska hope u feel better soon, I'm typing this on my phone so sorry if there are spelling issued. For tommy we used probiotics, miralax and gas drops. Senna works good too to clear out the tummy and bowels. Tommy has a slow gut but its turned off with anesthesia and pain meds. He had the same surgery as miss b and I felt once he got his tummy back working well he was so much happier. Hang in there braska sweetie!


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