Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jinxed. Or just too eager.

See that post below this one? I spoke too soon. After only 2 hours sleep she is up and crying. And grinding like I have NEVER heard before. If she has any teeth left in the morning I will be shocked. M is taking a turn because the grinding makes me want to scream. Or run. It is so bad. Oh my goodness.

Lord please help this girlie feel better. Please. Soon.

(phone post)


  1. oh no!! I was so hoping that relief was on the way. and I'm with ya on the tooth grinding - it throws me into instant irritation. will still be praying for ya today

  2. I've heard that recovery from T & A surgery is harder than heart surgery, but is this typical (for others)? I'm worried for you all.
    [[hugs]] friend,

  3. NOOOOOOO! I was just celebrating her feeling better. Back to the prayer drawing board we go!


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