Friday, August 6, 2010

Post op Morning #2

The overnight went fairly well.  She was VERY uncomfortable and overtired by the time she relaxed and went to sleep.  She’s getting Tylenol #2 every 6 hours, one tab cut in half and crushed and dissolved.  She slept restlessly, but she did sleep.  She woke about 2:30 am pretty unhappy but not crying. (It takes A LOT for this kid to cry when it comes to pain.)  We gave her some formula and another dose of meds.  She went back to sleep pretty well and woke up about 6:30 am, which is normal.

So far this morning, she has been very quiet and once again clearly uncomfortable.  She is not a whiner, but she’s been clinging and whining and groaning and just pretty pathetic.  It’s sad to watch. But she’s calmed down now to sit here and watch Sid the Science Kid.  She’s not singing along or laughing at the silly stuff, but she is watching and staying calm, and she seems to be distracted from the discomfort.

I hadn’t planned to give her to beefy Tylenol #2 during the day, but I might need to today.  I thought I’d go back to the basic dose of paracetamol during the day, but I don’t want her to be hurting all day.  Decisions…

I’m meeting my parents as they pass through town today to pick up Kinlee (and Belle), so we are probably going to go to M’s parent’s house so that I have extra hands available if both girls are needing me at the same time.  KiKi tends to be extra clingy when she gets back, and she also doesn’t like Braska to get lots of lap time when she’s not included, so this situation will present lots of Mommy overload time.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law is available to tag team with me and take one or the other of the girls when needed.

Braska has a VERY high pain tolerance, so when she indicates pain, I know that it’s seriously hurting.  Her teeth grinding has really escalated the last two days, and I’m assuming that’s a distraction for her as well.  It gets on my last nerve, but I’m trying to deal.

Overall, we’re doing ok, she’s been a real champ so far, and I’m hopeful we’ll survive unscathed. Well, except for the collateral damage to those tonsils and adenoid.  But something’s gotta give, right?

Newsflash…. Before I could click on Publish, she fell apart. So she’s spent the last 15 minutes screaming and thrashing and breaking my heart.  I don’t like things I can’t fix.  She’s had her next dose of meds and some formula, so hopefully she’ll feel better very soon. Oh my.


  1. Breaks my heart. I guess it will all be good in the end and you won't have gone through all this for nothing. But good grief, why can't they come up with a good way to combat the pain?!?! Sweet little precious children shouldn't have to suffer like that in this day and age when they can operate on and repair a heart the size of a grape! Just doesn't make sense that that level of "discomfort" is acceptable, even anticipated. Grrrrr.

  2. Oh! Poor girl!!! And poor Mom. I say go with the powerful meds. I wouldn't want to be hurting like that. You know? I am glad you are going to have some help. Hope the meds have long since kicked in by now!!

  3. poor braska and momma. can they give her anything stronger than tylenol? a least so she can get a more restful sleep to recovery better. i hope she gets to feeling better soon.

  4. Oh so sorry Braska. It is a painful recovery. Keep those pain meds coming mom. We will keep praying that it is a fast recovery.

  5. RK,

    I love the way you describe your kids and their activities, even when things are hard. You show a great understanding and patience with your kids, that a lot of folks might not have. So often we get impatient at a situation that is out of our control or expectation and I have never seen you react in anger. You seem to find the positive and I am so happy that both your mom and M's mom are available to help.

    I hope you are able to rest when Braska does. Take care of yourself and then you can care for her.

    Tally Ho! : )


  6. Poor Braska, I hope she feels better soon. Is Tylenol #2 available in a liquid? If its the same as roxyset (sp) we were able to find it at Wal-mart pharmacy. It was prescribed because the oxycodone wasn't managing Goldie's pain well enough.


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