Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We are enjoying some Wonderpets while we snuggle. She napped about 20 Mins but has been awake otherwise. After the water didnt seem to be a problem, I gave her some diluted formula. Just a few ounces. But it didnt settle well and she vomitted most of it over the next 30 mins. So we are just chilling out.
Some good news is that she DID accept some tiny bites of ice cream just a few minutes ago. About 4 so I am encouraged by that. My biggest concern has been how she would react in terms of letting food in orally. I feel like this is a good sign.

Blues Clues is on Noggin next so we will snuggle and find the three clues. Still no roommate. Hoping for a quiet night.

And thanks for being patient with the icky format and questionable grammar of these phone posts. Gotta love technology. Ltr :)

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  1. So glad things are going well. Braska sure makes a cute little patient!

  2. Bless her. Hope she gets some rest tonight and tomorrow you guys can go home.

  3. glad things are going okay. yay for ice cream!

    (wonder pets! save the day! thanks for putting that song in my head. :) )

  4. Glad she seems to be feeling better already.. Hope tonight is peaceful and you both get some rest.. ((HUGS))

  5. Vomitting is a normal part of post-anesthesia; The first food comes up. Now that she's past that, she should be okay to eat :o)


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