Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The one-week mark

A week ago Braska was in the OR.  Now she’s napping in her bed. I’m very thankful for the opportunities we have for great medical care.  I admit I’m frustrated about the pain-control element, but I don’t want to take for granted what amazing things can be done and HAVE been done in our experience. 

I mean, come on… open-heart surgery on an 11-pound 3-month-old.  It’s still amazing… over 3 years later.

Last night she was unable to sleep more than a bit at a time, once again.  I ended up bringing her into my room, which I hate to do because I get NO sleep when she’s in bed with me.  But she did get some sleep, and so it’s worth something.  It was very fitful, and I don’t know how she actually gained any rest from it, but I’m sure it’s better than nothing.

This morning we had a bright spot, a few giggles, that I thought pointed to a light at the end of the tunnel.  Then she collapsed into the bad stuff again.  But she did recover a little in the late morning enough that we ventured out to the store for a quick grocery run.  That’s ONLY because I had some help…

My youngest sister Julia came yesterday, catching a ride with my brother Ryan who was coming to spend a couple days with my other brother Jody. (Keeping up?)   So Julia has been my extra hands to assist with KiKi while I spent all day yesterday dealing with Braska.  It’s helped a great deal.  She’s going home this afternoon.

Braska perked up a little because she got to see her BFF Jack for a bit too.  He came over to have lunch with us after the store run.  The girls both think he is just king of the world.

Now both girls are sleeping, and I’m going to try to conquer the huge challenge that is getting my house back in order from several days of “doing nothing.” Starting with the kitchen.

I’m really hoping that post-nap will be the start of our “she’s on the upswing” celebration.

Thank you to ALL of you who have emailed and commented with info and encouragement.  In my sleep deprivation, I’m so thankful for all the input I can get….better than relying on this brain of mine right now.

Edited…2 hours later… (typing one hand. Sorry.) 
Short nap.  Then another bit while we cuddled. Now awake and fussy again. She is distracting from hurting somewhat with her fave shows. Any little bit, I’ll take.


  1. I sure hope she feels better soon. Tough stuff for both of you.

  2. I know you probably feel as though you'll never be rested again. I remember feeling like that when I had a colicky one for 6 months. But any day now, she'll be so much better...and so will you. You're doing a wonderful blogging job--keeping yours and 'hers' -- :) You have two very beautiful girls. Praying God gives you good rest tonight, sweet dreams, and a feeling-good-Braska tomorrow.

  3. I am really sorry that it is taking Braska so long to get over this.
    This really has me concerned especially if she appears to still be having pain from the surgery. I worked with kids in a Major Children’s Hospital for years, and it is not normal for a child to take this long to heal from tonsillectomy. I also took care of 9 kids in my family that had tonsils, adenoids, and other procedures at the same time. No they did not all heal at the same rate but a week later they were doing a lot better than Braska appears to be doing.
    I know you said you took her to your Pedi Doctor but what about the ENT that actually did the surgery, have you taken her back to him/her? I would think that he/she would need to see Braska to make sure there is not some freakish problem that needs to be addressed. I agree with you that I do not think the Tylenol #2 was helping take care of the pain, but the plain Tylenol (paracetamol) sure does not appear to be taking care of the pain. It sounds like they just need to give her something that does not have codeine in it.
    Sorry if this seems to be to forward but I just felt like I needed to say something.
    Please keep us updated!



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