Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow

Time for a Weekend Update.  Before I bolt down the hall for my bed.

Overall, we’re seeing improvement!  Let’s have a celebratory cheer from wherever you are! Woo hoo!

To be a bit more specific, for those of you who like that kinda thing, she’s had no screaming fits today (except when she screeched a little during some reprimand response) and her belly seems to be calming down.  We did use the probiotics and got her back on yogurt, which she accepted better today than she has previously.  She seems to be having no pain with her surgical sites, so we’re very happy about that.  She did have a bit of a screaming fit last night that led to a bit of bleeding, which is supposed to earn us a trip to the ER, according to surgeon’s instructions, but it was minimal and short-lived, so we just waited it out. No problems there.

She still is having issues sleeping.  She was up last night again every hour for about the first 3, when I gave in and brought her to bed with me.  She slept better then for the following few hours, but that means I didn’t.  I passed her over to her dad’s side about 5 am, and the two of them slept well for about 3 more hours.  I did get a couple hours in there as well.  Thankfully, Kinlee slept later this morning than her norm, so we didn’t get up til about 830 am.  That is WAY late around here.

Her nap today was better than it has been, though still short, and I’m hopeful that we see more of a ‘normal’ sleeping situation tonight.  Please, goodness!

She’s still strangely fidgety and kind of… I don’t know… obstinate, in a way.  I’m not sure what that’s about, but it is not what we’re used to.  I hope it also lessens as the other issues are addressed.

Right now, the clock on my computer says 10 pm, Kinlee is having trouble going to sleep, keeps having little moments of sad whimpering, but Braska is quiet and snoozing.  I’m hoping all is calm soon so I can get some nice long stretches of sleep tonight.

Tomorrow evening we go to meet Braska’s new teacher for this coming school year, which starts on Wednesday (not sure how much Braska will BE there on Wednesday, though) so I’m glad to get to meet her and start the acquainting process. 

Thank you again for all your support, ideas, input, and especially your prayers.  THIS is why I have a hard time letting go of this blogging addiction I have… it’s all of you, my lifelines, the ones who encourage and support, from nearby and far away.  Blessings to you, my friends.


  1. Hope meeting the teacher is a huge success even if she isn't able to go on Wed.
    Praying that you had some good sleep last night and that each day gets better!


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